GOOGLE! – Have you ever been curious to know the reason behind Google’s logo colours? It’s been quite out of the track but worth to know, Google makes use of primary colours in its logo but for the letter “L” it has secondary colour. LOGOs always indicate the motto and google logo shows, it does not always follow rules. Online businesses rely upon Google (who knows better than us!). Google also updates the algorithm frequently which becomes a pain in the neck for SEO nerds to work on the keywords & websites. - Zib media Digital Marketing Team!

Meanwhile, Google has a cleat-cut motive to take user’s experience a priority. So, whenever you upload the content or plan out any strategy, you need to create a user experience that becomes convenient for visitors & contents that are creative & understandable. In such a situation, how would you integrate strategies to beat Google at its own game? Zib Media - A Digital Marketing Sydney shares guide you can make into work.

SEO in Digital Marketing

White Hat Vs. Black Hat SEO Tactics

White hat SEO: In a simple, it denotes the ethical way for site optimization. But, to help you know exactly, below are a few criteria that require white hat SEO.

  • The strategy follows search engine guidelines
  • Potential audiences are game-changer
  • It can be a long-term approach

Report Stats, Approximately 33% of the search engine traffic is captured by the website stand at the peak of Google page!!!

Black hat SEO: This one is completely opposite than white hat SEO. The essential criteria of black hat SEO are defined below:

  • It disobeys the search engine rule-book
  • It depends upon the manipulative tricks
  • It can bring a quick win situation

PRO Tip: If you want long-term growth, rely only upon White hat SEO. Because black hat SEO is a risky business!!!

Digital Marketing Trends

What is the difference?

There is an array of websites, a plethora of materials, and a heap of books that give effective ways for site optimization. Though, many of these tactics work and SEO geeks found white hat & black hat SEO a table-turner for the quick results. But, it’s essential to know the difference between them both.

One biggest difference between these two tactics are, white hat SEO always follows the Google tips and work efficiently for the user experience improvement. On the other hand, black hat SEO doesn’t obey the guidelines and it is completed without concerning user experience.  

White hat SEO strategies can bank on reliable & long-term results to acquire the best ROI (return-on-investment).

In a nutshell,

There’s a boom in the online businesses to obtain a rank on SERP (search engine result page). If you want to stand stable in between the competitors, it’s time to get help from Digital Marketing for integrating witty tactics. Upgrade your business with the trend, don’t stay back!


Article Source: Shield the Business with Sharp SEO Tactics: Know White Hat & Black Hat SEO