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  • Blockchain and Search Marketing - How Does These Both Correlate?

    Let’s take a techno drive today. Have you heard about Bitcoin or blockchain? If you are a techno-reader, you may well aware of these both terminologies. For newbies, a simple introduction of bitcoin is, it is a technology that enables Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to operate. It allows the user to handle the transaction process without any mediator with high security. Now, the question is, how does blockchain relate with SEO? Go through below guide for knowing does blockchain impact on SEO – A Guide by SEO Sydney you should consider.

    According to Digital Marketing Sydney based agency Zib Media – “The blockchain technology becomes a centre of the buzz due to a sudden lift of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin that bring attention to the boom.”

    Before heading ahead, let’s get the introduction of Blockchain…

    Blockchain is definitely a complicated technology but it is immutable. It holds the power to change the way of working in most of the industry, starting from banking to SEO. It has a decentralized ledger where every party that uses blockchain will have a record in a spreadsheet format instead of third-party records. With every transaction, the spreadsheet gets updated. If anyone claims data theft, the blockchain comes into the picture with the records and eliminate wrong data. This can simply be a secure way to verify the assets and move from start to finish.

    Blockchain and Search engine optimization- A Big Picture!

    • First comes, link building

    If you have a basic idea of SEO, you might be known with the term “link building”. Natural link building becomes the strongest strategy for uplifting the google rank than using blog comment links. Blockchain will make this easy for the search engines to detect the websites they catch through paid links.

    • Data verification

    Well, user interaction can be a key to your success as it is helpful for web crawlers to help your site to reach on the peak. Blockchain implementation can verify both; human traffic and separate it for delivering an effective ranking. On the other hand, paid digital advertising can be a fraud as it becomes impossible to tell that the clicked ad was an activity of human or bot. Thus, blockchain is a strong solution for solving the problem and connect with advertisers with potential customers. 

    • Keyword mining

    Mining effective keywords become problematic as every device, users, and regions has different requirements and settings. Keyword research will require sufficient device space to create data-heavy results. In this situation, blockchain comes up as a saviour by securing and processing the interactions with the transactions.

    Bottom Lines!

    So, I hope you get satisfied with the blockchain guideline and you can stick to this blog clusters for more updates on upcoming days. I as an SEO executive of SEO Sydney must tell you that SEO is a big sea and coming up with the right source is more important. Good luck champs!


    Article Source: Blockchain - A Next Big Thing that can Impact Google Search Rankings

  • Brief About SEO Copywriting, A Perfect Strategy For Brand Value Growth

    The stage of the SEO process define the total growth of your, but to get the brand value is not everyone’s hand. Right! If your answer is affirmative then let's dive in other factors relating to the SEO. Everybody detected that In SEO - Content Is King! Truly, and there are several proofs can provide the instance of this sentence by the best SEO Sydney Companies? Have you ever note that your web site is truly changing the leads or not? If this is often not operating then you ought to take into account the various on-site SEO factors.

    Content Will Drive The Sales If It's Done Underneath The SEO, However, To Extend The Complete Worth The Copywriting Is Crucial.

    We are here to clarify how to provide the SEO-focused complete message that builds trust and drives conversions, it is in the under digital marketing Sydney strategy for all. Let’s specialize in the content currently. Content will drive the sales by the assistance of the SEO still as SMO. One aspect of content writing that's rarely mentioned is writing on-brand content that's every SEO-friendly and appeals to your target market.

    SEO Copywriting: What’s Branding Got to Be Compelled to Try to with It?

    Consider this in your mind - nice copywriting involves much more than simply writing content for Google, or maybe the SEO writing for your target market. It's a beautiful balance of every, and to do to that effect, you often got to suppose outside the box.

    To break it down, SEO copywriting is also a fashion of writing that's every SEO-friendly companies and speaks to your audience throughout how that pulls and converts them. It’s NOT a way of simply golf shot the keywords within the content and you wish to create the keyword on high.

    Consider These Steps For Making The Copywriting Message:

    1. What Offers Does One Provide To Your Customers Or Clients?

    So, before you publish something, assume on the way aspect surface-level price and extremely get all the way right down to what worth your business offers.

    1. What’s It Regarding Your Service That Makes It Distinctive Content?

    This is often sensible to urge with a particularly similar product or service. Still, you simply ought to define what it's that you simply offer that makes you stand out from your competition.

    For instance, it's going to preferably be the convenience of outsourcing their digital promoting needs, and for that sensible SEO, Sydney agency required to guide you.

    1. What Vogue Appeals Best To Your Target Audience?

    A lot of businessmen mire to use the various kind of house owners get sucked into the marketing jargon they see on-line and apply it to their own sites. This may work for some businesses, but not all, so target the audience.

    Make The Efforts Positive!

    Truly SEO copywriting is the important a part of writing nice SEO content. This testing is altogether completely different and because of the different version of the copywriting. Still, if you have got any kind of the queries you can contact the good digital marketing Sydney Company.


    Article Source: How Any One Can Increase The Brand Value With The SEO Copywriting? 

  • How can a quality Content Affect & Influence SEO Rankings? - A Quick Pick!

    According to conventional wisdom, the website requires quality contents for the website traffic. The buzz between SEO (search engine optimization) and content writing is never-ending because both needs to be powerful for an effective outcome. Why do big-named entrepreneurs approach digital Marketing Sydney before jumping into a sea?

    Google becomes a huge source of information slowly but steadily. This has opened many doors of opportunity; now, people can operate anything and everything on a fingertip.

    Meanwhile, the question arises, how will you drag the right audience to your website? Once they visit your website, how will you keep them stay &leave with full satisfaction? Your all questions will be answered by an expert SEO Sydney in a concise way.

    Difference between SEO and Content Marketing:

    In several areas, SEO and content marketing are different from each other. Even after knowing the differences, you couldn’t separate them perfectly. Have a look!

    Sr No.

    SEO (Search Engine optimization)

    Content Marketing


    It is narrow and more technical

    It is wide and holistic


    It has to do with website structure, behaviour, and design

    It is about acquiring more exposure online with using quality contents


    Applying SEO is a broader way to channel the endeavours into content marketing

    The success of content marketing relies upon the implementation of SEO techniques

    What can define the content quality and how does it affect a website ranking?

    Well, the idea of a “quality” content is nebulous. It means, people react differently to different things but when it comes to Google algorithm it requires a quality-rich content for the website rankings. Since last few years, SEO has evolved more than link building, backlinks, off-page optimization, and on-page optimization. However, there exists a strategy that will help to boost the search engine rankings and online website presence. And, this is called content marketing.

    Some remarkable statistic to help you determine your goal:

    • 46% of marketers increase their spending on SEO
    • 91% of B2B marketers make use of content marketing
    • 77% of businesses can increase their content production

    SEO & Content Marketing; both are overlapping!

    People have trouble while connecting with SEO and content marketing because they don’t have a complete picture of what the content represents. Basically, SEO means something that is done with a purpose to increase organic search engine traffic. And, on other end content marketing is, creating content to attract the traffic. SEO and content marketing usually overlap as for SEO, content is must and for content marketing, you require different types of content. Thus, both depend on each other and it is two sides of a single coin.

    Closing Time!

    If you want to upgrade your work level and seeking for a business growth then you should approach Digital Marketing Sydney based Company where you will come up with a clear picture. Thanks for reading this guideline. Contact Zib Media Company for a better understanding of SEO work ways.


    Article Source: Content Marketing - A Powerful Way to Improve the Website ranking like a Ninja!

  • How Digital Marketing is going to rule the future?

    Many companies of Digital Marketing in Melbourne are looking forward to seeing enhancement in the field.

    The following are the reasons why digital marketing isn’t useful only in the present but in the future as well.

    Concurrent upshot

    With traditional marketing, you have to wait for weeks, sometimes even months before the boosts start to turn up. Digital marketing wins again owing to its quick results.

    Compact price

    Newspaper ads, television ads, and the likes cost a lot. Digital advertising, on the other hand, is something even young entrepreneurs can afford right out of some saved up money.

  • How to Be an SEO Ninja? Difference Between White Hat & Black Hat SEO

    GOOGLE! – Have you ever been curious to know the reason behind Google’s logo colours? It’s been quite out of the track but worth to know, Google makes use of primary colours in its logo but for the letter “L” it has secondary colour. LOGOs always indicate the motto and google logo shows, it does not always follow rules. Online businesses rely upon Google (who knows better than us!). Google also updates the algorithm frequently which becomes a pain in the neck for SEO nerds to work on the keywords & websites. - Zib media Digital Marketing Team!

    Meanwhile, Google has a cleat-cut motive to take user’s experience a priority. So, whenever you upload the content or plan out any strategy, you need to create a user experience that becomes convenient for visitors & contents that are creative & understandable. In such a situation, how would you integrate strategies to beat Google at its own game? Zib Media - A Digital Marketing Sydneyshares guide you can make into work.

    SEO in Digital Marketing

    White Hat Vs. Black Hat SEO Tactics

    White hat SEO: In a simple, it denotes the ethical way for site optimization. But, to help you know exactly, below are a few criteria that require white hat SEO.

  • Plan your Social Media Campaign For 2019

    So, now you already decide to go for the social media campaign in 2019, and if this your plan you already know that which era is running now? A digital marketing agency Melbourne can decide to your brand needs to connect with the audience in a lasting way.

    Like other digital marketing tips and tactic, you need time to build the social media campaigns But with a little guidance from my side, you may be on the way to developing a campaign and as per your specific audience and forces them to participate in your brand.

    How To Use Any Marketing Plan In Social Networks?

    As per this article, I am here to guide you through the process of social marketing planning and how to adapt your business strategies to industry standards.

    • Set realistic goals as per your business objectives.
    • Determine how you will measure social marketing efforts by numbers.
    • Integrate different trends and best practices in your social media marketing strategy 2019.
    • At last, Plan your best 2019 possible with editable planning worksheets.

    Steps You Should Follow For The Successful Plan:

    1. Identify Your Target Audience

    The first step to making best and successful social media campaign for your niche in 2019, you should understand in Australia which audience is best! Several corporations build the error of manufacturing a social media campaign that focuses exclusively on the advantages of their merchandise and services.

    But they are doing not take into consideration the challenges and wishes of the audience. And this could end in a waste of your time, resources and budget.

    1. Develop Specific Goals And Objectives

    Here are some goals,

    • Generate new leads.
    • Drive more traffic to your website.
    • Convert potential customers into sales.
    • Increase brand awareness.
    • Sell a specific product or service.
    • Communicate with customers.

    Before you can start launching your social media campaign you must decide what your objective and goals. Consider not only what you expect to get from this specific campaign, but also how these goals match with your marketing objectives and general business objectives.

    1. Select Different Social Media Channels

    Now that you just grasp a bit a lot of concerning what matters most to your ideal customers, it's time to seek out wherever they're online. There are such a big amount of social media channels accessible for brands that need to attach with their audience.

    • Audience: What social channels have an oversized enough audience that may enable you to expand your reach?
    • Activity: What social media channels have the foremost active user base? What will this activity and commitment look like?
    • Functions: what social media channels provide the functions that enable you to raised highlight your brand?
    1. Research

    Maybe your company is using some content on the wrong social media channels or publishing the wrong type of content.  If it is currently not on another social network that can take advantage to increase attention.

    Now,  coming on It can be tempting to be on as many social networks as possible. The disadvantage of this is that it will be spent.

    1. Create Quality Content

    You can be on all social networks and still not get the commitment and conversions you are looking for sales, useless and impersonal.By creating content, you not only want to capture people's attention, but you also want your brand to stand out as a reliable and reliable source of information in your industry.

    Final thought,

    If you are building something best strategy, for your brand or get any help from the digital marketing Sydney company, just always check the flow must be in sequence. So, it is good whether you go for the digital marketing agency Melbournewide help or others, just remember this!!!


    Article Source: How to build own Social Media Campaign for Particular Category?

  • What is the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing?

    There are lots of business struggling with marketing ideas, like which they should prefer! And to decide which they should prefer they should have a clear idea about marketing. If you can't stretch the budget then you can do the marketing as your self, you don’t need to go for the digital marketing company Melbourne wide.

    Now, you have the perfect choices that have to be created aren't easy. With that methodology of promoting can provide the best digital marketing? However, if my marketing is not working?     

    So, do you think that Which strategy for promoting can give proper reach and most quantitative profit for the financial gain you spend?

    What is Traditional Marketing?

    Traditional marketing is nothing new as it’s a sort of marketing that you've been exposed to at one purpose. It’s a standard mode of promoting or marketing that helps to succeed in dead set a semi-targeted audience with numerous offline advertising and marketing strategies.

    To clarify the terms, the utilization of print ads on newspapers and magazines could be a straightforward example of Traditional marketing. With the different examples embrace flyers that are placed in mailboxes, commercials each on TV and radio and billboards. 

    Traditional marketing includes different types of business cards, announcements, notices, handouts, business promotions on TV and radio. 

    Medium for traditional marketing:

    Print( newspaper, magazines) , Broadcast(  Radio, TV), Junk (  Postcards, catalogues) , Phone ( SMS marketing, telemarketing) , Outside( billboards, fillers) and etc.

    What is Digital marketing?

    Digital marketing refers to the marketed connected work that a business will through the net. Any business will leverage digital marketing to succeed in dead set their target market, connect with prospects and convert clients.

    Once you invest on the website or other things on an internet site, advertising the name through completely different social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, this type of strategy is named digital marketing.

    The reason why digital marketing is crucial for a business these days is as a result of the net is turning into one in every of the foremost used tools. A lot of and more individuals are work on the online to hold out their day to day activities, which has bought product and services.

    There are digital marketing Sydney agencies can provide every type of digital promotion or marketing such as SEO, SMO, email marketing and many other services. If you have the money you can go for that.

    You also have this type of question in your mind,

    IS DIGITAL marketing better than traditional marketing?

    With traditional marketing, if you once involve, you have to use the big billboards, news ads and many other. It will give you a good ROI result but, it takes time for that. Its analytic capabilities provide you with the chance to boost it.  The traditional one is what you get reciprocally!

    Now, coming on digital marketing, it is a digital version. And as per the modern and digital era, it is good to use it. One thing you should consider is, in limited money also you can use digital marketing. Because, Every day, a lot of individuals are victimization the net for music, TV, film, and news! But at last, we could say that it depends on you and your business!


    Article Source: Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing: Which You Should Get?

  • What is the Importance of a Digital Marketing Agency

    On the platform of technology get a business increase in marketing value. The work of marketing have changed by moving on the method of digital media is the most effective way to reach millions of people who want and need the products and service you have to offer. Digital marketing agency Sydney can give you advertising the power to attract millions of customers worldwide.

    Provide the information about product and service

    Digital marketing agency Sydney

    Digital marketing Melbourne often the services of a digital design agency to draw the attention of the consumer's businesses want to reach different social media platform. While direct marketing and advertising is advertising in which companies offer real marketing and advertising materials to consumers to communicate details about a service or product. Moving on to the new facility is being developed all the time, and new digital marketing trend can be significant. Making sure the digital marketing agency Sydney in question keeps abreast of these latest trends and is always trying to offer the latest services.

    New technology application used

    Current trends include mobile device app development and the continuing popularity of social networking sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. while digital marketing agency Sydney create and manage traditional advertising or business marketing, such as newspaper advertising, specialist digital agencies will concentrate on online marketing as opposed on TV, radio and print marketing.

    digital marketing Melbourne

    • Where TV ads, radio casting about specific products and banner ads on the internet. The latest is the most famous these days due to the fact of almost everyone using the internet.
    • The method of advertising and obtaining a lad means contextual leads are different in value than from search leads; this should also be observed while valuing points.
    • While people are shopping online to financial transactions being conducted, the internet is what everyone resorts to these days? The mobiles web and the conventional desktop are now divided into two separate platforms from advertising, lead obtained from each should hence be judged differently.

    You are having a good command of social media networking sites where the company can find the maximum amount of traffic and conversion rates. Digital marketing Melbourne brings in dealing with the audience in unique ways to attract them towards visiting the website of the company increasing the views and turning the customers. Digital marketing agency Sydney comes with a platform to work with SEO. Search engine optimisation is done to allow search engine like Google and Yahoo know that the website exists and what it is al, about. An SEO campaign will target selected keywords and try to get the site to appear in the first position of those particular keywords.

    digital marketing in Melbourne


    The Internet is one of the numerous powerful marketing platforms ever devised. With an effective digital marketing agency, Sydney has become an internet sensation and garners the attention of a worldwide audience. There are several digital marketing Melbourne come with the method a good marketing company can use. That can employ e-mail marketing, social media to send information about the products and services.

    Source: How is an Analysis of Digital Marketing Done