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  • 10 SEO-Friendly Ways to Revise Old Blog Posts for Boosting Organic Traffic

    Old blog posts are underutilized traffic generators. While you are unaware, they can collect dust on your blog's oldest pages. They can reappear as a diamond in the SERPs.

    Highly visible content (typically the most popular) may appear straight at the top of organic search results or even in a featured snippet. Still, less visible information may not surface until searchers scroll down to page two. You won't believe what you're about to hear. 

    It's important to update your blog posts regularly. Depending on the blog site and your style, you may find it easier to update your old posts than new ones. However, it's also important to remember that everyone's blog sees a different version of the world. For your old posts to be of any use, you also need to update your new posts similarly.

  • Importance Of Best SEO Company Services That Change The Perspective of Doing Business!

    For every good business there's a requirement permanently marketing and in today's time where everything is promoted on the web platform and customers are taking interest in it, every business got to up their digital marketing game and there's the Best SEO Company in Canada, which provides you an equivalent service. SEO Services in Canada, after doing full research on your brand, strategize an idea to execute with web development and optimization process. This helps your brand to draw in your audience and provides your business a platform to reinforce. But their job doesn't finish here. It's sort of a partnership, where an SEO company still keeps on providing services to your business to grow more. Many such services help your business after establishing a reputation within the Digital market.


    Five Important SEO Company’s Services That Helps Your Business To Grow:


    After marketing your page to succeed in your target customer, SEO services don't stop there. They keep it up doing our work to reinforce your Business by initiating few steps


    1. On-page enhancement- SEO services Toronto, Ontario help in upgrading highlights on a site for web indexes. The SEO team also provides title tag and meta-data updates to the location, to access it, create site maps, and et cetera.


    1. Provides Competitor Analysis - Edmonton SEO Agency keeps track of competitor’s website, their performance, and market update to stay upgrading the client’s site to form it more visible on the program than the opposite sites.

     Best Seo Company in Canada

  • The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Pages for Mobile Devices

    Search engine optimization (SEO) has been changing rapidly over the past few years, with new SEO Toronto strategies and best practices coming out almost every week. To keep up with this trend, you'll need to stay on top of all the changes that are happening within the SEO world—and one of the most critical parts of this process is learning how to optimize your pages for mobile devices. With more and more people using their mobile devices as their primary means of surfing the web, having optimized pages can help you stand out in search results.

    Page Speed

    One of the most important ranking factors for mobile devices is page speed. A slow loading page can cause your website to lose visitors and potential customers. There are a few things you can do to improve your page speed. First, make sure you're using a responsive design. Second, compress your images. And third, use a content delivery network (CDN). If you need help with any of this, consider hiring an SEO Toronto company. They can help you optimize your website for mobile devices and improve your page speed.

  • Top 3 Call to Action Hacks that You May Be Missing Out On

    There's no denying the power of a well-executed call to action (CTA) in an SEO Toronto strategy. CTA's are the small pieces of text that appear at the top and bottom of webpages and in email headers that prompt readers to take certain actions. 

    And whether you're a small business owner or just starting out, knowing how to use CAA can help you generate more leads, increase your website's ROI, and even boost your bottom line. 

    In this blog post, we'll be highlighting three of the most effective CTA hacks that you may be missing out on. So whether you want to boost your website's conversion rate or increase your brand awareness, read on for tips on how to create effective CTAs that work for you!