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  • 5 Ways Fresh Content Can Boost Your SEO in 2022

    Search engine optimization (SEO) services are constantly evolving and changing, which can be extremely confusing for business owners trying to stay on top of the game. It can feel like you're always swimming against the tide, and no matter what you do, you're not making progress. When it comes to SEO in 2022, fresh content will be king. This is where SEO Services Vancouver comes in. Whether you're an individual blogger or an established company with a big marketing budget, these five tips will help you bolster your SEO with fresh content in 2022 and beyond.

     1. Discoverability

    In a recent study by SEO Services Vancouver, they found that content freshness is a significant ranking factor for discoverability. The study showed that the median age of a top-ten Google result is just over two years old. This means that if your content is more than two years old, you're already at a disadvantage. But don't worry, there are things you can do to improve your ranking. 

  • Comment On Your Blog For SEO: The Why & The How In 2022

    Comments are one of the most powerful tools that you have as a blogger. Not only do they add an element of interactivity and community to your blog, but they can also help to improve your site's SEO.

    In order to do this, SEO Services Vancouver practitioners use different on-site and off-site SEO methods to improve a site's visibility and organic search results.  

    In this blog post, we'll be discussing the why and the how of commenting for SEO purposes and providing tips on how to use comments effectively for your own blog's SEO. So be sure to give this important topic a read and start improving your blog's ranking today!

  • Top Tips to Find the Right SEO Service for Your Small Business

    It’s not just any business that can benefit from the search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Small businesses of all types and sizes can use SEO to improve their visibility in the online marketplace. An effective SEO strategy is one that delivers benefits to both the business owner and the search engines—not only increasing website visibility but also resulting in positive search engine results for this business as a result. Here are a few tips to help you find the right SEO Services Vancouver for your small business:

    Define and understand your company’s goals

    One of the most important things you can do for your SEO efforts is to define and understand your company’s goals. This will help you keep your SEO goal simple and to the point. What are your main goals? What is your service area or niche that you want to focus on? What are your ROI goals? What are your customer goals? These are topics that SEO is all about, and they will help you define your SEO goals and personal style.