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  • How to Track Duplicate Content from a Blog or Website?

    Content on the website is credible. It represents your business, value, and legacy. And, your website is a window through which anyone could get an idea about the business. If your website has poor-quality or duplicate content, the search engines would take you as an unprofessional firm. This is the reason, SEO Company in Dubaiprefers to proofread multiple times before they upload any sort of content on the web.

    In this article, the best SEO Dubai Company will share a few tactics to filter out duplicate content from the blog post, article, or from the website.

    So, let’s take a ride.

    Duplicate content and thin content

    Many of you may know about thin content, which is content that adds no value to the readers. There exist many contents that are out of focus or without any context. If this is what happens with your website, then people would jump out of the site because they feel it is a waste of time.

    When we talk about duplication, it can be intentional or unintentional. There are many people who spy on their competitors’ business and misuse their website information or content for their benefit.

  • What Makes SEO Fail Strategy To For Online Business?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is thought to be a time-consuming practice that produces few results. That assertion, on the other hand, is contingent on who is making it. AnSEO Dubaiwill make that remark because they want your business, but your experience may be different in that you see positive outcomes from your efforts, or it may be the same. One thing is sure: there are as many flops as there are successes when it comes to Search Engine Optimization tactics.

    Here are some of the reasons why SEO strategies fail:

    Having a business with no defined objectives

    You must have clear goals if you want to run a successful online business. YourSEO Agency Dubai initiatives will fail due to a lack of direction if you don't have clear and defined goals.

    Spamming with links

    If you're a website owner that uses link building as one of your SEO techniques, don't get too excited and start developing too many low-quality links in a short period; you'll fail. This behavior may result in a search engine ban or a significant decline in your page rank in the best-case scenario. This is just going to affect your bottom line.