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  • 4 Patio design ideas for you to choose from for your backyard!

    Have you ever heard about Patios Brisbane services? Well, it is a common gathering spot for many people, but it's time to recognise their value and significance. Patios and garden pergolas have long been associated with wealth and aristocracy. People also want to add such structures to their homes to give them a sense of luxury.

    1. Al Fresco

    This is an excellent choice for those who enjoy dining outside. There's nothing quite like dining with family and friends outside in the fresh air. By erecting a patio, for this reason, you can double your enjoyment. The patios that are built for this purpose are a little different from those that are usually used.

    1. Living Room

    This style of patios is becoming crazy popular in recent years. It's close to the concept of creating a living room in your backyard's open space, and it's a great way to unwind with family and friends. This style of construction is distinguished by the presence of a fireplace or fire pit, as well as deeply cushioned deep-seating furniture. These shade structures can be as wide as 16'/18' in length, depending on your preference; however, you must leave enough room for free mobility. Many that are fortunate enough to have a large space adjacent to a garden area should try out this concept. It will undoubtedly breathe new life into the way you previously interacted with your visitors.

    Patios Brisbane

    1. Bistro

    Since these are small patios designed anywhere in the backyard, bistro patio designs are more like garden pergolas than patios. The arrangement has enough space for a small table and a few seats, making it ideal for breakfast. They are well-decorated with wall fountains, which take up little space and provide a pleasant attraction. This design needs just 6 feet by 6 feet of room. This can be a perfect option if you have a small garden and want a beautiful place to spend your mornings and evenings.

    1. Sundeck

    Swimming pools and vista points are the focus of this patio design. The patio is similar in size to the bistro, but the difference is how they are used. The sundeck has been designed to provide optimum comfort in the open air. Although it can fit a small table and chairs, the lounges are cushioned and comfortable.


    The chaise lounge usually measures 2 feet by 6 feet, so keep that in mind. If you have a pool in your backyard, a sundeck can be a great way to make it more interesting. When there are so many ways to add luxury to your lifestyle, why not consider it for unused backyard space?


    Choose any theme you'd like to see in your backyard and begin planning. When looking for a patio builder, make sure you find the best in the business because it's not just about erecting a patio; it's also about building it and giving it a look that makes your money go further. And if you do not want to utilise the area with patios, you may also consider building Carports Gold Coast wide.

    Resource: 4 Patio design ideas for you to choose from for your backyard!


  • How To Ensure That Your Patio Is Summer Ready?

    Patios Brisbane is one of the most comforting and relaxing outdoor spaces every homeowner adores. At a certain time of the year like the summer’s patio is one of the most happening places in the house. As summer or warmer months bring with it more time spent in outdoor spaces. So, it becomes necessary to prepare this beautiful space for the summer. 

    Here is what Patio Builders Brisbane suggests to get the patios ready for more of your outdoor time. 

    ·        Declutter

    Getting rid of everything in the patio that does not belong or is certainly affecting the appearance of the space. This would also allow you to take up the cleaning in a more effective way. It would highlight the areas that may need some refinishing to be done or stains that you need to get rid of.