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  • Can Laser Spine Surgery Cure Your Back Pain Issue?

    Back pain is the most common problem that people complain about. There are few people who ignore the back pain issue but if you suffer from back pain then you have to seek spine treatment hospital in Ahmedabad who can throw your issue out from the root. Although, people who have crossed their 40 years could have a common complaint of back pain or lower disc pain and they usually consume pain-killer pills as a short time solution.

    Would you like to spend your after-sixty year’s journey by bending over the back? Then, why are you waiting? Get yourself cure by consulting best spine doctor in Ahmedabad who can help you treat the pain. Have you heard of laser spine surgery? However, laser spine surgery is an invasive procedure that is used to cut, and remove certain tissue and relieve pain quickly. So basically, what is laser spine surgery?

    What is laser spine surgery?

    spine specialist surgeon in ahmedabad

    Since 1980, surgeons are treating back-pain or spine issues through laser surgery and then after there is certain advancement in the technology and equipment. Laser spine surgery uses a focused light beam or laser technology to remove soft tissues over the spine through a small cut. This treatment can be done most commonly to treat ruptured discs for removing the damaged portion of the disc to reduce pain.

    Let me tell you, laser spine surgery is not the most effective treatment for all condition but it can be used to treat some symptoms or in some specific conditions.

    • Sciatica
    • Weakness or numbness in the arms and legs
    • Back pain which can affect hips, buttocks, and legs
    • Back pain or neck pain without radiating pain into the arms
    • Pinched Nerve
    • Bulging disc

    So, should I get fruitful results through laser spine surgery? Laser spine surgery is a minimally invasive process to remove, cut, or shrink certain tissues. Some of the benefits of the laser spine procedure include!

    • Reduced blood loss during surgery
    • Can reduce the risk of infection
    • There will be more effective surgical outcomes
    • Fast recovery time and less pain
    • Short hospital stay
    • There will be less anaesthesia and radiation exposure

    On another hand, open spine surgery involves cutting off the body to treat the infected areas for appropriate procedure to take effect. Although, this open spine surgery has a number of disadvantages which includes collateral damage of the healthy tissues. Moreover, this procedure is known for the spine weakness especially where immobility of the vertebral have to be done and holes are made. Also, this procedure could be more expensive and it requires the use of more anaesthesia which may affect adversely to health.

    best spine surgery in ahmedabad

    Wrapping up!

    But I would suggest before you choose any treatment whether laser spine treatment or open surgery you have to choose the best spine treatment hospital in Ahmedabad who can help you cure the pain of the root. So consult an experienced and talented minimally invasive spine surgery doctor in Ahmedabad for treatment. Stay high & straight!

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  • How To Get Rid Of Back Pain In Easy and Safe Way?

    “I really want to get rid of back pain and travel, sit, walk, sleep, and roam just like before” – A 24 years old lady came up to me with this problem. So people who believe back pain can happen after 60 years, then its “red alert” to them; because illness don’t know, how much old are you?! (Joke a part!) but if you come across unbeatable pain then you should approach spinal surgery doctor in Gujarat who can drag you out from the pity zone! – A back pain specialist.

    Spinal Surgery Doctor Gujarat

    Apart from surgery, I would like to share a guide to help you keep your back strong even after sweat-shedding work. Remember, if you have serious back pain, don’t just rely on this guide, quickly go for a check-up with nearer minimally invasive spine surgery doctor in Ahmedabadand get yourself treated, otherwise, it can be harsher.

    Before leveraging or consulting any specialist, don’t forget to complete reading, applying, and sharing the guide!

    • Take proper bed rest

    Not me, but the study says that people who suffer from short-term low-back pain and rest to cure, will feel more pain and have harder time while doing daily activities than those who stay active no matter how painful the back. As per back pain specialist, if you have short-term back pain then you should avoid rest more than three days. Although every specialist has different treatment technique, some of them encourage their patients by making them involved in a certain activity.

    • Don’t quit exercise

    Researchers say activity is the best cure for back pain. This doesn’t mean, you should engage all the time at work, but simple exercises like walking can always be a helpful thing. It helps in getting people out of a sitting posture and can help in uprighting position. But don’t overdo, stay away from activities like gardening and avoid lifting heavy things or whatever that cause pain.

    • Be in a good posture

    Are you gym freak? Do you have back pain just after a gym session? Or have you overdone gym crunches which cause your spinal issue? Most of the people have poor posture and it can lead them toward the back pain issue. Leaning on your back can directly affect your back so a good posture is a necessity. If you don’t know how to keep a good posture to avoid back issue, you should go through Google and learn the standing, bending, sitting, or especially people who work on the computer should be more serious about their back because a bad posture can make them pay off their entire life.

    Spinal Surgery Doctor

    Let’s sum up!

    Even after you treat your back from the best spinal surgery doctor in Gujarat, you should never ignore above-given factors to include in your daily life. It can help you keep away from future spine related issues. If you like the guide, share with people whom you are concerned about and spread awareness of fitness.

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  • Should I Approach The best spine surgeon in Ahmedabad for Severe Back Pain?

    Do you feel pain in your back or neck? Back pain is something that many people experience throughout their lives, many people fight against back pain and the rest go with the flow by tolerating the pain. Years ago, back pain treatment was costly that middle-class people couldn’t afford the treatment. But now, consulting one of the best spine specialist surgeon in Ahmedabad to become an easy approach.

    If you suffer from mild back pain then it may force you to rest for a day or two days but back pain that last for weeks or more than weeks then you should contact back pain specialist doctor in Gujarat who can help you come out from the prison of pain. Although looking for treatment or diagnosis of back pain might be anxious for you, it is impossible to understand that relief is possible and it doesn’t require surgery. If you are not sure about the treatment or whom should you approach for treatment then, you are at the right place; I share some quick & effective guide to help you out. Go ahead!

    Best Spine Surgeon in Ahmedabad

    Approach the right person

    When you are going through back pain, it can be a good idea to consult chiropractor, primary care physician, or minimally invasive spine surgery doctor in Ahmedabad. The doctor will help by initial examination, and depending upon the situation, they can refer you with a specialist. Although, there is a straight and simple approach to your back pain issue still, there are some factors that need to be considered while hiring a surgeon or specialist.

    • Back pain surgeon

    Mostly, spine surgeons have training sessions and board certification in neurosurgery, spinal tumour doctor in Ahmedabad or orthopaedic surgery.

    Back Pain Specialist Doctor in Gujarat

    Not everyone wants to have spine surgery but it may be the quick and reliable way to cure the pain.

    • Anaesthesiologist or pain management

    Many of the people think an anesthesiologist is a person who monitors anaesthesia during the surgery but it is not like that. Many anaesthesiologists specialize in pain management and some of them focus on treating spinal disorders.

    • Rheumatologist

    It is an internal medicine doctor who has taken training in the treatment of rheumatic diseases and diagnosis that affect the musculoskeletal system. If your back pain is caused by arthritis then rheumatologist will help you as a primary back-care expert.

    • Physiatrist

    It is also said as a physical medicine doctor, physiatrists are expert in treating musculoskeletal disorders through different nonsurgical treatments. Some of the physiatrists specialize in pain management or physical rehabilitation whereas, others combine both in the practice.


    There are many other options that you can go through but the main factor is, consulting the best spine surgeon in Ahmedabad who can treat and diagnose the issue. And, deliver you a safe & comfortable life so you can at least live the life without anyone’s support while standing, sitting or walking. Stay fit!

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