led lighting tower

  • Tips for using Solar LED lights in the Outdoor

    Solar LED lights are trending everywhere. And the biggest reason behind this is the low cost and amazing results. In case you are looking forward to enhancing your lawn or garden with solar lights, this blog is just for you.

    Read our useful tips for using LED lights in different ways.

    Go for modern shapes

    Add a little contemporary twist to your outdoor in the shape of lanterns with teak bases, coated with aluminium frames. These cube-shaped lamps have curved edges which help you to control the light release amount with a remote.

    Go with rustic rope lighting

    This is the easiest crafty idea. The twinkling lights entwined in the natural hessian rope is the perfect element to captivate the eyes of your visitors in the garden. This solar light looks beautiful not at night but during daylight as well. You can either hang them or wrap them around the tree or fence. You can even mount them on the wall as well.