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  • Car GPS Facts You Can’t Afford To Miss

    Vehicle theft is one of the biggest issues in the world. According to experts, in several countries, a vehicle is stolen every 44 seconds.

    With such a terror of your vehicle being stolen, it becomes crucial to install a robust and properly functional Car GPS Adelaide.

    GPS car tracking device works as a protective shield.

    But before you install it in your vehicle, knowing about the major facts is useful

    So let’s read ahead of the facts about car GPS!

    Fact #1. Receive instant SMS on your Smartphone if the car alarm goes off

    Many GPS car trackers have this facility to inform the owner of the car through an SMS if and as the alarm goes off. After receiving an SMS the owner can check the vehicle for its safety or call the police if required. This is the best feature that will ensure that you are informed about the security disturbance of your vehicle when you are at a great distance from the parking lot.

    Fact #2. Increased Recovery Rate when the vehicle is stolen

    Not many people know about this fact. With a GPS tracker, the stolen rate has been lowered. This is because the owner of the vehicle can provide GPS coordinates to the police after it has been stolen. Police can track the vehicle through GPS and reach it in no time. This has made finding criminals easily.  

    Therefore, it’s possible to recover the vehicle quickly with the help of a GPS car tracker. Moreover, almost every car insurer is known for this fact, so, whenever your car gets stolen, contact your insurer and explain the entire incident. 

    This is also a well-known fact that car insurers know about.  When you install a car tracker contact your insurance company and let them know. Often they will reduce your premium.

    Fact #3. Ignition deactivation remotely via GPS car tracker

    You can stop the thieves to get away so far with your vehicle by turning off the ignition remotely. Thanks to the GPS tracker and its advanced technology!

    This can stimulate your vehicle recovery process and help you to stop the thieves from stealing your car. This can teach the criminals a great lesson and might stop them from stealing others’ vehicles as well. 

    These are a-must-know facts about car GPS Adelaide.

    No matter where you are living or how often you ride your car, it’s crucial to keep it safe with the help of a car GPS.

    So buy one and install it ASAP!

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  • What Are The Things You Need To Know About Car GPS System?

    Car GPS Adelaide

    Have you purchased a car recently? If you have then you need to consider the installation of the Car GPS Adelaide System for the car. This will not be an extra accessory but it will be an important component for the smooth car driving experience. But before you install a car GPS system, it is important to know about a few terminologies.

    Let’s start with the GPS system. The term stands for the Global Positioning System that makes use of satellite technology for the operation. These types of systems are portable as well as can be installed permanently in any vehicle. They are available in such a way to mount on the dashboard and remove when there is no requirement for the installation. Such models have large screens and they are built with the dashboard of the car. Many of the car manufacturers prefer offering built-in GPS system in the vehicles.

    How will it work or what will it do?

    The main purpose behind installing a navigation system is to help drivers for finding a way to start point to the destination. If you want to utilize the system, drivers need to offer the address about where they think to go. The internal system makes use of GPS satellite technology to find the current location and to determine a quick route to the destination.


    You can also provide visual as well as audible directions to the person that drives the car. There will remain no possibility to lose or the trouble of stopping for the direction. If at any moment the driver makes an incorrect turn, the navigation system will recalculate the direction to correct the driver and the route. Also, it will eliminate the need for making use of maps.

    Why should you install a car GPS system?

    There is the availability of a navigation system in today’s world. For example, most of the drivers allow you to locate the gas stations, hotels, restaurants, or other stops. It is comfortable to know that if you are running low on gas or if you need to find a room for the night, then the GPS navigation system will lead you straight to the place. Once the stop is complete, the system will take you to any preferred place. Consumers can also store the data that is used previously and addresses in the GPS systems.

    Why should you install a car GPS system?

    Have you stopped thinking about various ways that GPS car tracking would help you? No matter, whether you have one or two vehicles at the home that you would like to track with any GPS system. There are many more benefits you could include for vehicle tracking.

    GPS car tracking

    One major benefit you will have after installing the GPS tracking system is that it will help in providing security to the vehicle. If you prefer to choose any quality system that will not track the vehicle but also it can alert you when there will be an issue with the vehicle. Make sure to choose any quality system that will track the vehicle but that can also alert you when there arises any issue with the car or any other vehicle.

    Bottom line,   

    Before you install the Car GPS Adelaide system, there are many other things that make you include a few important things for the navigation and safe drive.

    Source: Few Important Things You Should Consider About Car GPS System