Google ranking race clearly shows it’s a digital marketing age where everyone wants to make their online presence strong & constant. In this evolving generation, no matter how good your brand is, if you want to stick in the market you’ll have to implement marketing strategy which will reach to your target audience via accurate marketing platform. And, digital marketing provides the best marketing platform for small to large enterprises.

If you are into SEO profession or employee of any SEO Company Ahmedabad, you might have come across many articles about mobile-first indexing and how websites will appear in search results. But…but! If you’re new into digital-world, you may become keen about knowing every new stuff uploaded about thousands of amount across the internet. And, your keenness is valid too!

Mobile First Indexing Google

Let’s clear all your doubts with this concise guide on how mobile-first indexing become the hottest choice of SEO nerds. Tight your belts to take an SEO drive!  

The buzz is, what is Mobile-first Indexing?

Mobile First Indexing

Google will predominantly use the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking which terms mobile-first indexing. Don’t get into the misconception that ranking and indexing are same. Google performs two main tasks that perform search engines which includes indexing and ranking. Let’s clear this misconception with terminologies. Indexing is the reading and storing web page information by the search engine indexing robot. After Google visits and reads a page, it stores the information in the index.

Whereas ranking is the process where search engine integrates the details in its index and verify which web pages match its criteria according to the search engine queries and other influencing factors such as devices. In a short-term, indexing is the foundation as if you don’t have an indexed page then it can’t be ranked. A bitter truth!

Mobile first Indexing Vs Desktop

Then, what is the challenging factor of mobile-first indexing?

Good question though! Suppose, your mobile version of the web page content doesn’t match with the desktop version, there may occur few issues. Mostly, responsive websites don’t get affected with this kind of issues as the content on mobile and desktop version are the same. Then, when will the problem occurs? – It occurs when the content of mobile and desktop are different and typically, for the size and space reasons, it means there is comparatively less content on the mobile version.

And, the missing content on mobile contains some important ranking signals then you will become fail to take the ranking high. Thus, be wise and for mobile-first indexing services hire Digital45 – An award-winning Digital Marketing Company Ahmedabad. Now, you know the direction & you have a weapon, it is up to you how to conquer the Google ranking race war.

Words in a nutshell

No matter, how big firm you are or how attractive service does you offer, if you fail in leaving your strong internet presence, no one will remember you & in near future, you’ll fall into a failure pit. Be aware & hire the best SEO Company Ahmedabad and win the ranking race. Happy Ranking!

Source: Why Mobile-first Indexing Become the Hottest Choice in the SEO World?