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Many medical fields are using Medical Device Design because of their durability, sturdiness, and various other benefits. If you are also looking for the best medical injection mould, it is time to explore its benefits and examine it.

So find it out right below.


Cost-efficient: Using plastic moulding injection for medical devices is extremely economical than other materials, especially when you have to manufacture devices in high volume.

Accuracy: Accuracy is a must in medical devices. The difference of microns can make a huge difference. The plastic injections provide accuracy.

Material Options: With plastic injection moulding, you get a huge variety of material selection.

Medical Device Design

Durability:  The biggest reason to choose plastic injection moulding is its utmost durability. The devices made with Custom Plastic Moulding can resist various environmental factors and bear blunt forces without cracking, vibration, etc. In addition, these devices can easily bear constant sterilising chemicals or solutions. Hence, you can use these devices for a long time.

Anti-contamination: Another big benefit of using plastic injection mould for medical devices is the material is contaminant resistant and can be sterilised easily. Moreover, one can meet FDA and other requirements with these moulds.

What to Consider in Medical Plastic Injection Mould?

While choosing plastic injection mould for your medical devices, there are a few things that one must consider.

Read the major aspects right below:

FDA: FDA regulation defines the cleanliness and sterility of an object. In simple words, it defines how safe and prime a plastic item is. So it is crucial to see whether or not a plastic injection mould meets FDA standards and regulations. It will ensure that you are buying a high-quality plastic device, which will meet the medical-grade standard as well.

ISO: It is crucial that your medical devices acquire ISO certification, and the same implies to many industries. Any medical device must meet ISO 13485:2003 standard and compliance with Class I, II or III. Your devices must also meet biocompatibility – ISO10993 – in addition to some other standards. So if your medical device meets ISO standards, buy it without a second thought.

Custom Plastic Moulding

Medical aspects:

These are some crucial aspects that define whether or not a material is suitable for medical practices.

Explore those properties here:

Sterilisation properties: this is the minimum requirement because all medical devices come in contact with humans bodies. During the pandemic, it has become crucial to ensure that all medical devices are contaminant-resistant and will not spread the virus. This way, you can keep the patients safe.

Environment suitability: Some bio-implants must be suitable for the environment of the human body. They must be reliable to durability and operation when exposed to liquids, heat, vibration, corrosives, and various other movements. Many Medical Product Development agencies meet this environment suitability for making implants human-friendly.

That’s why you need quality Medical Device Design so that you can provide the right treatment to your patients and invest in the right place.

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