Home Renovation Melbourne or home extension is one of the most exciting things for the homeowners as they would add the rejuvenating feeling in the home by doing so. Further, it would also serve meaning purpose to accommodate the growing family, adding more value to the property, adding more outdoor functional space, and more.

  • Flexible Layout Designs

The flexibility of the trait of well panned 5jbuilding home. Creating flexible spaces for growing families to meet their changing needs is something that would save you from the frequent expense of expanding the space. Such home designs are also appealing when you wish to sell, as this would address the need for the growth of the next move in the family without any extra expense.  

  • Home gym 

Whether you are a health freak or have recently discovered your passion for gym and fitness due to the pandemic, a home gym is something that would help you continue it. A private gym indeed adds more value to your property apart from keeping you healthier and safer.

  • Extended dining room 

Today you in the modern homes designs, you would mind that kitchen and dining area extending to the backyard. Why not use this idea when renovating your home? This way, you would also add the latest touch to the design of the house along with the opportunity to spend more time together with your family.

  • Home Offices 

“Work from home” has been the new normal for approximately two years now. Though slowly the work from office is resuming, though have a dedicated space from work at home has gained tremendous importance. It can be utilized not just for work but also for study.

  • Poolside Deck

Adding a poolside deck to your home extension would enable an additional living space where families can enjoy meals and quality time together all year round if or not using the pool. The deck would also visually connects the pool.

  • Adding Another Level 

Expanding the space must serve the purpose of making the home pass the test of times in terms of a growing family. It is, in fact, the purpose of home expansions. What could be better than adding an extra floor to the home? This not only provides additional space but can also provide more privacy to parents and children or family members as a whole.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Living

How about building a rear extension to connect to your yard, blurring the line between indoor and outdoor life? This is one of the most awesome recent home extension trends that has gained tremendous popularity.

There are a variety of ways to achieve it, including opening folding doors, adding indoor plants, building a patio and more. The options are just limited by your creativity and imagination.

Getting to know the trends is important, but blindly following Home Extension Melbourne trends would cost you a lot of money and disappointment. So make sure to talk to your 5jbuilding homebuilder to discuss the output, favorable options, suggestions and more.

Source:  7 Home Extension Trends To Not Miss This 2021