When it comes to landscaping, mulching, and fertilizing go hand in hand. They both play a crucial role while your Good Landscaper Company Christchurch is thinking about the health of your lawn. 

While both are important, fertilizing your lawn is a more common choice than mulching due to its relatively low cost. Moreover, fertilizing has its own features. Stick to this article to learn more.

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Essential for a healthy lawn

Mulch is a layer of material that is put on top of the ground. It helps to protect the soil from erosion and retains moisture in the soil. 

Maintain the moisture level in the soil

Mulching is an excellent way to keep the soil moist and cool. Mulch helps to prevent the soil from drying out and retaining moisture, which is essential for healthy grass growth.

An added benefit of mulching is that it will also help keep your lawn looking great all year long! In the hot summer months, when you may find yourself watering more frequently or less frequently depending on how much rain falls in your area (if any). 

Having a layer of mulch can help keep the ground cool enough so that you don't need as much water from sprinklers or hoses - saving money on both labor costs as well as energy bills!

Easy way to improve soil health

Mulches include bark, wood chips, and shredded leaves; inorganic mulches include plastic sheeting (called "plastic mulch").

The purpose of mulch is threefold:

  • To protect plants from excessive heat or cold;
  • To prevent water loss through evaporation;
  • To keep soil temperatures more consistent so roots don't have to work as hard to grow

Fertiliser encourages grass growth 

Fertiliser encourages grass growth and also makes it healthier. It's important to fertilize your lawn regularly, as it helps to improve soil health, which in turn can help to reduce weed growth and make your lawn healthier overall.

Reduce weed growth

Weeds compete with grass for nutrients and water. This can reduce the quality of your lawn, as well as make it harder for a landscaper Christchurch to keep a good-looking lawn. Weeds also spread disease, so if there's one weed in your garden there will likely be many more soon!

To avoid this problem, it's important to regularly fertilize and mulch your lawn so that it stays healthy and dense enough for weeds not to grow through it.

A well-maintained lawn is a sign of a good landscaper Christchurch and his company

A well-maintained lawn is a sign of a good landscaping company, who are interested in maintaining the health of your garden. Your lawn is an important part of your home's exterior and can make or break its appearance. If you want to impress visitors or just keep up with the Joneses, having an attractive and healthy-looking garden will help achieve this goal.

Winding Up

With all of these benefits, it's clear that mulching and fertilizing are essential parts of landscaping. If you want to keep your garden looking beautiful and healthy, seek the help of Landscaper Christchurch, they have perfect ways in to maintain your lawn.