All of us have played Matka 420 in our childhood, but we also know that winning in satta game is very difficult. But there are few things which can make you loose in the game easily and quickly. So today I am going to discuss those things which can make you lose your money easily.

Don't trust anyone blindly

You will definitely lose if you trust any of the above people blindly. It is better to be careful and do your own research before putting your money on anything.

Don't guess on any number that you guess by your own

It is very important to not guess on any number that you guess by your own. You cannot predict the winning number, and if you be guess t on it then there are chances of losing money. You may get lucky once or twice but it is a bad idea to keep repeating this mistake again and again thinking that one day your luck will turn around.

You can also try out some other options like playing with fixed number guess on special numbers like 7 or 8 but don't be too sure of yourself because they can also go wrong sometimes.

Avoid to follow wrong tips, results and trick

The most important thing that you have to keep in mind is to never follow any tips, results or tricks that are offered by any website. There are many websites that offer free tips on how to win in the game but these are the worst thing for you and can make you loose more than what you have gained from this game.

There are so many people who trust these websites blindly and end up loosing their money just because they believe that these websites can help them win big amounts of money in this game.

You will also notice many social media posts about winning huge amount of money using different tricks but all those tricks are fake and designed only for fooling people like us who want to play Matka 420 legally but don’t know how it actually works. 

There is no such trick available on internet which can help someone win big amounts instantly without having any knowledge about this game or playing it regularly for years together at least once a week or twice a month depending upon your financial situation

Avoid to play in an unknown Matka 420 website

  • Avoid to play in an unknown Matka 420 website.
  • Don't play in websites that are not registered.
  • Don't play in websites that don't have a proper policy.
  • Don't play in websites that don't have a proper support system.


It's very important to play in a genuine website only. If you want to play Matka 420 game then its recommended you to play at trusted website. Hope you found the above blog useful to understand what not to do while playing matka 420 game.