E-commerce link building is a tricky beast. It can be hard to find good content and get it shared, but it's even harder to get backlinks from sites that aren't relevant to your business or product. It is one of the major aspects of SEO in Brisbane's strategy. 

In this post, we'll show you some simple tactics you can use to create links for your e-commerce site without having to worry about the technical side of things!

Pitch guest post updates

Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to gain exposure for your e-commerce business. It's also a great way to build links back to your website, but it's important that you don't just post anything on any blog that accepts guest posts.

First and foremost, make sure the site has a lot of traffic. If it doesn't, then go somewhere else!

But if there are lots of readers who are interested in what you have to say and would be willing to read more from you (and possibly recommend it), then this could be a great opportunity for growth for both parties involved - including yours because now maybe someone will link out directly from their site instead of just linking through another site like Facebook or Twitter etcetera.

Get listed on the "where to buy" pages

  • Submit your site to the right directories.
  • Make sure to include a link in your submission.
  • Don't submit your site to too many directories. This can harm your SEO in Brisbane rankings and make it harder for users to find you, so choose carefully!
  • Don't submit your site to directories that don't have a good reputation or are known as spammy sites by Google's algorithms, like Open Directory Project (ODP), Yahoo!, etc., as these will likely result in lower rankings than if you had chosen another directory instead.

Use the product feedback technique.

You can also use the product feedback technique to your advantage. This is when you look for reviews on blogs and other sites where people have already reviewed or talked about a particular product.

For example, if you're selling books, try searching for reviews on Amazon by looking at the first page on their site. 

You should also check out other online retail stores like eBay or Etsy, where people are selling similar items as yours but may not have direct access to as many customers because they don't operate in the same country as yours (or even the state).

Pursue unlinked mentions

Unlinked mentions are a goldmine for link building. If you're looking for unlinked mentions, simply Google your keyword or brand name and look at the top results. 

If a site has a link that doesn't appear in any of these results (or if it's not directly related to your brand), chances are high that it's referring to someone else's content or product. You can also try searching for your keyword without adding ".com" at the end of it: For example, if we were looking for "Google," we'd type "google."

If you see an article from another website linking back to yours but not mentioning anything about where their readership comes from—as this one did—that could be another potential opportunity!


The SEO in Brisbane trick here is to try to get your content out there by contributing guest posts, getting listed on "where to buy" pages, and pursuing unlinked mentions. 

All of these tactics can help boost your brand and business in new ways, so it's a good idea to start implementing them today!