As technology is getting advance, stamps are becoming more and more unpopular. These aren't the first things you'll notice on the market, but if you look closely, you'll see that these stamps can actually be used in a variety of situations. A simple letter to a friend or a letter of appreciation to your boss will look even better if you decorate it with stamps. rubber stamps are widely used for various commercial and residential purposes. The reason why it is popular is because it is eco-friendly. Here are some of the things you can decorate with stamps, go on reading the blog till the end!

  • Photo Album Photos are memories that will last a lifetime. You may not be able to stop the time, but taking pictures will capture the unforgettable moments of your life. You can decorate your photo album with a single stamp design or multiple stamp designs. You can also use fabric stamps to decorate fabrics and clothing. You can add stamps to frame these fabrics and create beautiful shapes and designs such as flowers, circles and hearts. 
  • You can use the hard surface stamp to create a variety of things with a hard surface, such as accessories, jewellery boxes, letter holders, bookbinding machines, and more. There are many types of ink, so use the one that is appropriate for the surface you are designing. Why not use cheaper stamps instead of a lot of paint to decorate your bedroom wall room? You can waste a gallon of paint painting your entire room. However, stamps make it easier to change the look of a room in different patterns in a more cost-effective way.

 Tips and Warnings :

  • Try used paper stamps before stamping your belongings. This is to ensure you get the correct colon effect you need. Ink can be used, but acrylic paints are suitable for hard surfaces and walls. Be sure to stamp evenly on a flat surface to ensure a clean design. Ink the stamp with a small brush or coloured pencil. Paint the stamp evenly. Do not overpaint. Paint can be scattered and ruin your project. 
  • Note that it's easier to fill in the colour gaps than to remove the extra colours. You can be creative by layering different colours of the same stamp design in the same place to create different stamp design effects. Make sure the colours you choose are in very good harmony with each other. You can combine postages of different designs with each other. For example, you can stamp a flower design on the pointed part of the heart design. Shading and transforming stamp designs with a small brush, craft chalk, or coloured pencils.
  • Use the stamp size that is appropriate for your particular project. Small stamps are for small items such as stationery and cards, and large stamps are for walls and large boxes.

Conclusion: Hope you enjoyed reading the blog and found it useful in getting innovative ideas. If you are art enthusiastic or love to do self-inking then there are endless ideas and options to try with rubber stamps Perth. Share your comment and ideas regarding the various types of stamps in the comment section.

Source: Know How Stamps Can Be Used for Various Decorations