Well, the answer to this question is simply yes because lazy loading images can not only improve the user experience but it makes the SEO efforts worthy. But wait, before you start seeking support from any of the Best SEO Company in India, you should get enough idea about lazy loading and how it impacts SEO.

Reportedly, each & all of the SEO India Companies prefer that a website should load as fast as possible.

This is because visitors don’t have the patience to wait for a website or images to load completely. They can wait for a website to load barely 2 seconds. If it still does not load or have glitches, they prefer other suggestions by Google search engine result page.

If you want not to get overlooked due to the slow loading of your website or images, lazy loading is a perfect solution.

It doesn’t even hamper the quality of your website.

Let’s fetch more about the same.

Why is it important to choose lazy loading website images?

There are endless benefits of selecting lazy loading your websites, but mainly, there are two benefits. The first one is that it can speed up the web page loading time. If your website loads faster and it won’t take much time to process different types of content on the website, the better it can be for your online business.

And, the second thing is that it offers a better user experience. Not only Google, but users also like fast websites. If you can load a website faster, it will give a better experience to the visitors, especially smartphone users.

Loading Website

All in all, if your website’s user experience is better, it will support the SEO to skyrocket your business.

Meanwhile, to get the full importance of lazy loading, it’s definite to get some insight.

Lazy loading offers a website owner to figure out any slow-loading page elements until after your page starts to render. It is a way to make sure that users stick to the site and don’t overlook it before completing the website loading.

Quick implementation of lazy loading

If you want to start implementing lazy loading, you need to consider a few tips. If your website is based on WordPress, then there are endless plugins that you can choose to include lazy loading in your site.

It will not only make your website look better but can give your website a significant boost in search engine ranking.

It will even depend upon your CMS tool to implement lazy loading to your website.     

There are various tools & plugins that can make lazy loading of your website possible. If you have no clue about it, there are many professionals that you can contact for the same. As per a report, around 47% of users expect to load a page in 2 seconds or even less than that.

If your website is hard to load fast, it will impact the overall results. You may remain last on the list of search engine result pages.

Undoubtedly, page speed is the most important thing for the current digital marketing world for various reasons that we talked about above.

Ending up,

As per the Best SEO Company in India, lazy loading is the best for website ranking and the whole SEO.