Nothing in this world is easy, but nothing is impossible as well. Generating quality backlinks that bring out efficient results definitely requires knowledge and the skill of SEO. And, only the Best SEO Company in India has the capability to evaluate the current SEO trend, search engine algorithms, and target audience’s search nature to plan out quality backlinks that actually drive traffic.

People use different terms to define “backlinks” but according to a leading SEO India Company, a backlink is just a link that connects a website to another website’s page.

You may have noticed backlinks many times but couldn’t identify them. It is a link that you casually see while scrolling any website. Any external link that is linked to any web page is considered a backlink. The practice of backlinking is considered the most powerful practice of off-page SEO.

Google and other search engines consider backlinks as a token of reliability of the information given on the source. Also, while indexing websites for ranking, pages with high backlinks have more chances to rank on Google or any other search engine.

No matter how many times and whatever Google updates in the algorithm, the concept of backlink remains the same. Backlinks are key ranking factors for any website.

But, quality is still an important factor. Not all the generated backlinks are considered quality and result-driven.

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There are various factors that you need to consider for evaluating high-quality backlinks. Here are a few that you can consider

  1.   If a backlink comes from a trusted and authoritative website, it is considered a high-quality backlink. In case if you want to check it, you can go through any particular website’s domain authority using various tools such as Ahref or Moz.
  2.   You can also check the linked content to the webpage. Google is smarter than you think; when it finds that there is a link connecting two websites, it checks the relevancy between the pages. Hence, linking pages randomly could never help you grow on the search engine. It’s a process in which you need to ensure content relevancy before linking to any website.
  3.   Make sure to maintain a good ratio of ‘Do follow’ and ‘No follow’. In case all of the links are ‘do follow’ then Google may consider it as manipulative and can consider the link as spammy. So, it is necessary to balance both if you want to have long-term success on the search engine ranking page.

After considering these, it is the right time to generate quality backlinks. You can generate quality backlinks by creating guest posts, infographics, internal linking, testimonials, and blog reviews to plan a quality backlink strategy.

It’s important to receive backlinks from an authorized & relatable source, so make sure to upload your content to a trusted source. Otherwise, will backfire your efforts.

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