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If you are a beauty junkie then you might know that how important it is to make makeup long-lasting. You might have experimented with make-up look taught by online Make up Lessons and ended up with a cakey and smudged look. It feels really disgusted when you are excited about any party and your make-up doesn’t look good even after getting done. Makeup is an art and every single thing you add to make-up matters in completing your perfect look.  If you want to last your makeup longer, there are few clean hacks that can help you to maintain your flawless look for the dance party or any other late-night event.

1) Start with proper prepping up

Prepping up is the first and the most important step when you begin with the make-up. It includes cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating. Cleansing and exfoliating will clean and remove dead cells from the skin that will prevent skin from flaking off.  Hydrating will help in providing a clean makeup base and prevent crease and clinging.

2) Use good quality primer

Some people might think that primer has nothing to do but it works magically. Choose the light quality and gel-based primer. It helps in moisture lock and provides a smooth surface for long-lasting makeup. Don’t miss any part of the face in priming, even eyelids for better and enhanced eye shadow. You can use concealer or setting powder before applying eye shadow.

3) Pick the perfect foundation that matches your shade

Choose matte foundation instead of oil-based because matte foundation lasts longer as compared to oil-based. Pick the perfect shade blends firmly with your skin tone.

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4) Seal with setting powder

Setting powder prevents products from slipping around the face and offers flawless coverage to the face while sealing all the products. Prefer choosing a baked product to prevent creasing and covering fine lines perfectly. Apply setting powder on the forehead, chin, and nose and blend lightly, it will ensure makeup stays all day long without moving.

5) Prefer water-proof products

Go for waterproof eyeliner and mascara to prevent smudging. If you have oily or combination skin then waterproof products are the best option for you because water-proof products are specially formulated to resist water and last longer.

6) Use a setting spray

After completing all basic makeup steps, setting spray is the last step that will help to maintain your flawless makeup look. It offers a mattifying and natural look with the proper finishing.

7) Layering your lips

You might need to reapply lipsticks after every particular hour, for the long-lasting and smooth lipstick, apply lip liner around and lips and dab a little amount of a concealer on the lips before applying lipstick. This trick works amazingly to keep lipstick smooth and long-lasting.

8) Keep your hands away from your face

The last and super important tip, take your hands off the face when you are done with the makeup. If you touch your face by mistake, all your hard work is going to ruin in a minute. In case you make mistake with reapplying the foundation then use blotting paper to fix it.

Wrap-up: At last, ensure to have a healthy skincare routine if you use makeup on the daily basis and always use high-quality brands for makeup to prevent skin damage. Hope you find the above make-up hacks useful, you can check about priming and prepping up on the best online Makeup Lessons tutorials.

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