Are you facing SEO issues in your business website? It is never a good idea to experiment with shortcuts when it comes to SEO optimization. Trying tactics to improve the speed and performance is fine but shortcuts like keyword stuffing won’t help in any way, instead, it can make the performance of the site weaker. You might have heard the term keyword stuffing from SEO India professionals.

So, do you know what dos keyword stuffing is?

Keyword stuffing is when a brand fills or stuffs any content in the webpage that is senseless to achieve the higher target. While reputed brands don’t use this type of technique but still many companies use keyword stuffing techniques to improve the online presence and achieve the target of the potential customer.

What are the types of visible keyword stuffing?

  1.       Repetition of words and phrases without any sense.
  2.       Adding words in the webpage that are out of context and meaningless.
  3.       Inserting blocks of the same keyword frequently.
  4.       Use of keywords that are irrelevant to the topic.

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The example of keyword stuffing can be anything that is best laptop bag or anything,

  •  Keyword stuffing can lead to a bad user experience so, it can degrade the quality of the website and performance too. Generally, the aim of website content is to provide knowledge, serve and engage the readers. So, in short, the content should be interesting the reader should not get bored. And when you stuff the keyword forcefully, it makes you unable to fulfill your purpose and lacks the reader interest. So, ultimately it creates a poor user experience and the audience is more likely to move away from your website with a lack of interest.
  •  No business owner would like to lose the audience and degrade the quality of the website. Filling the website with quality content is more important rather than filling the webpage with stuffed content, so, avoid stuffing keywords as much as it is possible to optimize your website correctly.
  • Always remember quality matters a lot rather than quantity. The quality of audience you attract to your website depends on the type of content you show to your visitors.
  • You may get charged with a google penalty if your website has poor user experienced and useless content.

How to use the keywords in the right manner?

1)      Assign the primary keyword to every page of the website.

2)      Always write more than 300 words of quality content to keep the reader engaged.

3)      Use the primary keyword with proper flow and density.

4)      add secondary keywords and long-tail keywords variation in copy.

5)      Always place the keywords in the right page element.

6)      Keep eye on your on-page SEO.

7)      Improve your keyword strategy to improve your website rankings.


Hope you found the above article useful. You can follow content writing tips to avoid keyword stuffing on your website and improve the performance of the SEO. To know more in detail, hire the 
Best SEO Company in India to maintain the good health of the website.