Many people who suffer from Sleep Apnea experience the poses in their breathing during sleep. These poses caused disruption in sleep, leaving the person tired and feeling sleepy during the day. One needs to take the help of machines and masks to regulate breathing while sleeping. These Sleep Apnea Machine Parts need repair and replacement if anything goes wrong.

Apart from using the Sleep Apnea Machines and Masks, people can also try some remedies that would help to relieve Sleep Apnea

Use A Humidifier

Dry can leave the respiratory system irritated, especially for people struggling with Sleep Apnea. Installing a humidifier would eliminate the dry air. It reduces the irritation caused by the dry air and opens up the airways. You can also choose a humidifier that comes with essential oils to get added benefits.

Using a humidifier increases the moisture content of the room. Make sure that you take extra precautions to eliminate the chances of mould growth as the mould spores would be real trouble for the respiratory organs.

Yoga Could Be Effective

An effective method to relieve any of your modern troubles, problems and health issues is practising yoga regularly. It would help to strengthen the respiratory organs through various breathing exercises. The level of oxygen saturation is also improved, keeping you energetic and lively. The strengthened respiratory system would reduce the chances of getting your poses during sleep.

Loss Weight

The study has found that most people suffering from Sleep Apnea are obese or overweight. The increased weight of the body would make it harder to breathe during sleep which results in the poses that one feels. Having the weight as per your height and age would keep the body fit and reduce the chances of difficulty in breathing during the night.

Keep Your Sleeping Position on Check

It may sound surprising to you. As per a study, some of the sleep Apnea cases were the result of the sleeping position. Sleeping on the back could elevate the issue of sleep Apnea, so make sure that you change your sleeping positions.

Make sure that you sleep on the side that you find most comfortable and is good for your problem of sleep Apnea.

Use Sleep Apnea Machines and Masks

Remedies may complement the sleep Apnea treatment, but this could not eliminate the need for the machines and masks that you may feel comfortable with as per your requirement. One must not ignore the medicine provided by the doctor along with the treatment that they are using to relieve Sleep Apnea.

Make sure that whatever machine or mask you choose is the best choice for you. Do take important considerations like comfort and fit to eliminate any adverse impact of wearing the Sleep Apnea Machines and Masks. The quality of the mask would play an important role in the effectiveness of the treatment. Use the internet to know more about the machine or mask to make sure that you get the one that is best for your requirement.

Source: How To Ease Sleep Apnea?