Is playing pool your favourite pastime? The pool is one of the most played game among adults whether it is hangout or party. Many reputed companies also keep games like pool and many more in the games room for employees to play in their free time. Having a pool table has various benefits as it also adds value to space by providing an amazing look. It can be a confusing task to choose a suitable pool table for the home or office especially if you are a beginner. You should definitely include a snooker table at your place if you are a social gathering lover and throw parties at your place frequently.

Experts also claim that playing pool also improves brain function and enhances practical skills. By the end of the blog, you will understand various factors that will help to choose the right pool table according to your space.


Four common sizes of pool table

  1.   Standard

The standard size of a pool table is generally 8ft and is often perfect for home use. It is suitable for beginners and intermediate, also people with no experience can also practice on the standard pool.

  1.   Large

The large table is mostly used by professionals that are basically 9 ft. It requires good physical and athletic skills to move and shot the ball around. It can be tricky to shot the ball when the balls are nearby together because of its large size.

  1.   Bar

The bar table is usually 7 ft in size and it is perfect to shot the ball at a shorter distance but there are certain factors that need to be considered, ensure it does not have the issues such as matted felt, dead rails, or tough to reach pockets.

  1.   Mini

Mini pool table comes in the size of 20 inches to 5 ft. it is basically used in the playroom of younger and smaller children. Though it cannot be used to play the serious pool game.

Other factors to consider before purchasing a pool table

Apart from the price and styles, the thing that inspires buyers for purchasing snooker tables is style. There are various types of style available in the market that are:

  1.   Contemporary pool
  2.   Traditional pool
  3.   Standard pool
  4.   Tabletop pool
  5.   Conversion
  6.   Bumper
  7.   Folding
  8.   Drop rockets
  9.   Eco-friendly
  10.   Outdoor

Choosing the best material for the pool table

  1.   Slate: Slate material is mainly made up of solid rock and it is preferred by most of the pool players.  It is highly durable and sturdy.
  2.   Wood: Wood is the popular and favourite material of most of the pool players because it is lightweight as compared to slates.
  3.   Acrylic:  Acrylic materials are perfect for the kid’s table and are easily convertible. Acrylic materials are not suitable for professional and serious players.

Final thoughts,

Hope you found the blog informative and helped you in purchasing your desired pool table. Also with the styles, materials, and other factors, it is important to play with the premium snooker balls to have the best experience. While purchasing, check for the warranty and exchange period of the pool table for future security.