Coffee drinking is a fundamental aspect of Melbourne’s culture – the city boasts some of the best coffee beans in the world and a delicious, world-class latte can be found on every corner. As if you needed another reason to fuel up on caffeine, research also shows that coffee – especially good quality coffee – can majorly benefit your physical and mental health. If you were looking for a reason to treat yourself to a bag of Inglewood’s delicious wholesale coffee beans, read on to discover four ways coffee can improve your health.

Coffee contains essential nutrients

If you’re someone who takes daily vitamins and supplements, you’ll be pleased to learn that coffee contains a wide variety of amazing micronutrients. In fact, 11 percent of your reference daily intake (RDI) of vitamin B2 can be found in a single cup of coffee. You’ll also get 6 percent of your vitamin B5 RDI, 3 perfect of your potassium RDI, and 2 percent of your vitamin B3 RDI. Some research suggests that Arabica beans are the best coffee beans for your health as they have a great balance of healthy compounds – but truth be told, you really can’t go wrong with any type of bean.

A cup a day keeps the brain sharp

An immense amount of research has proven that coffee drinkers have a 65 percent lower risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s than non-coffee drinkers. It can also improve concentration levels and improve brain function. This includes memory, vigilance, reaction times, and the ability to take in new information. Coffee does this by blocking the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine. Or, in layman’s terms: caffeine, a stimulant, blocks the neurotransmitter that relaxes your brain over the course of the day, causing you to stay alert and awake.

Wholesale Coffee Beans

Coffee can aid in weight loss

Have you been looking to shed a few pounds? Caffeine is a main ingredient in most weight loss supplements and is one of the only natural substances that has been proven to help burn fat. Caffeine speeds up a human’s metabolic rate by 3-11 percent (dependent on a variety of factors including weight, age, and typical caffeine intake). If you’re wondering what the best coffee beans to help you lose weight are, experts suggest finding the strongest variety of bean, such as Inglewood Coffee Roasters’ Sunset Blvd Blend wholesale coffee beans, which are perfect for black coffee.

Coffee drinkers are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes affects millions of people around the world; type 2 diabetics suffer either insulin resistance or a reduced ability to create insulin in the body, resulting in consistently elevated blood sugar levels. Although research is yet to ascertain exactly why this occurs, studies have concluded that coffee drinkers have a 23-50 percent lower chance of developing type 2 diabetes. One study even showed a 67 percent reduction in risk, as compared to non-coffee drinkers.

There are a variety of ways in which coffee can improve your health, from boosting brain function to drastically lowering the risk of disease. If you’re looking for top-quality, delicious coffee beans, browse Inglewood Coffee Roasters’ range of specialty grade wholesale coffee beans today.