The word ‘organic’ is thrown around so often that it can sometimes start to feel like a meaningless buzzword. But buying and consuming organic products can have a positive effect on physical health, mental health, the environment, and the livelihood of workers, especially those in developing countries. Being that coffee is the second-most consumed drink worldwide after water, the effects of choosing to buy from the multitudes of organic coffee beans Melbourne wholesale coffee suppliers have to offer could be enormous. Here’s what the impact could truly look like.

Buying organic coffee beans support farmers directly

Supporting organic coffee beans means supporting farmers. This of course means supporting them financially, especially since organic coffee certifications ensure farmers earn a living wage. But did you know that choosing organic also means safer and healthier working environments for farmers? Non-organic beans expose farmers to unsafe chemicals in the soil and residues in the air around them while they work. In fact, the chemicals don’t just affect farmers; they’re carried in the air into local surrounding communities, they run off into local water supplies, they contaminate crops and wells. When you choose to buy organic coffee beans, Melbourne, you’re choosing to improve the health of farmers, their families, and even whole communities!

Organic improves mental health

When you opt for organic beans at your local wholesale coffee suppliers, you’re choosing to support your own mental health. It’s a well-known fact that coffee, organic or not, benefits drinkers’ mental wellbeing by producing happy hormones like dopamine. However, organic coffee has an even deeper impact. The chemicals used in non-organic farming often inhibit produce from retaining nutrients such as antioxidants, omega 3s, magnesium, and calcium – all of which are key in improving mental health and reducing anxiety. Buying organic beans ensures that your coffee is full of those nutrients.

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Fight deforestation by buying organic coffee beans Melbourne

Organic coffee promotes ethical farming practices. While the non-organic coffee industry is responsible for a large amount of deforestation around the world, organic coffee growers actually help to preserve local wildlife and native flora and vegetation. Plus, there are no harmful chemicals or pesticides being soaked up by the soil, so the soil organic coffee is grown on remains safe, healthy, and nutrient-dense. This doesn’t just help the environment – it also means that fresher, healthier beans end up at wholesale coffee suppliers!

Organic beans result in a plethora of health benefits

Consuming organic beans can lower your risk of stroke, Parkison’s Disease, Alzheimer’s and dementia, type 2 diabetes, and digestive issues. Organic coffee protects the immune system, retains nutrients in the beans, makes it easier to digest and absorb, and provides protection from cell damages. On top of all of that, it also enhances brain function, boosts your memory, and fights mental illness.

As if there isn’t reason enough already to opt for organic coffee beans, Melbourne residents report that organic coffee simply tastes better – and who can argue with that? Inglewood Coffee Roasters is one of many amazing wholesale coffee suppliers around Melbourne – browse the full range of organic coffee online now.