Lucky are those who have enough space around their house where they can plan out home extension ideas. If you are also lucky and have enough space where you can add some magic, then selecting Decking Perth, Alfrescos is a good recommendation.

Trust me; not only us, but the Patio Builders Perth also suggest every new homeowner keep a space for decking or other home extensions.

However, this will not end here, people got confused between timber and composite decking options. And so, we are here to help you figure out which one will go perfect with all your needs.

Though the requirements change per person and it will also get affected over time, but the main thing is what exactly you want in the decking.

See, how we can help you.

The most concerning matter is COST

You should start the evaluation process by comparing the price of timber and composite decking. The timber decking cost will depend upon the wood type, and softwood decking is cheaper compare to hardwood and composite decking. Also, hardwood decking is somehow similar to composite one. If you go through the timber decking option, you need to purchase oil and stains to make sure that it will look perfect for a longer period. You may also need to spend more to maintain its charm for a longer period.

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Next is, how it impacts the environment

The study says that timber is an environmentally friendly element compare to any other. Most of the timber products that you choose are sourced to minimise the environmental impact. On the flip end, composite decking is made up of a mixture of wood fibres and plastic. You can recycle the wood fibre and if you select the supplier carefully, you can have an idea that decking is made from recycled plastic. We all know that plastics have more impact on the environment because of the production process and also the plastic is made up of crude oil, natural gas, salt, and many other harmful chemicals.

Last but not the least, how it looks?

Timber and composite, both materials are come up in various range and they have lots of benefits. But, the benefits and drawbacks depending upon what you want to have with the installation. With compared to timber, composite decking is less slippery. Also, it comes in a range of finishes and colours. The finish of the decking is also more consistent compare to any other choices. Composite decking will maintain the same look and colour for a longer period without any need for routine maintenance. So if you want a hassle-free installation of decking then go for composite decking. If you choose timber decking, it could result in splinters if you don’t maintain it properly.  


The selection between timber and composite Decking Perth will depend upon your needs. You need to remain clear about what you want in your decking or around your home. And, for what purpose, you are going to install decking.  

Source: Which One Should You Go For From Timber and Composite Decking?