There are various things the SEO team does for search engine optimization. SEO is the core part of digital marketing. It is capable of making the business a brand by creating the much-needed digital presence of the company. Businesses frequently search for the Best SEO Company in India. This is to make sure they have a good strategy for their business growth.

A blog is one such SEO India strategy, they ensure the promotion of your business online, along with delivering the needed information to readers. They are one of the ways of converting prospects to customers. But are all blogs relevant? Does writing a blog do all the work? Some things need to be kept in mind while writing those blogs to make the blogs more effective from an SEO point of view.

Here is a list of such things that could improvise the blogs to a great extent to achieve the desired SEO results


They are one of the important things related to SEO when writing a blog. The trick here is the keyword density. Google updates its algorithm every frequently. The updates in the algorithm need to be kept in mind to make sure the effort the team is putting in SEO is not wasted. Keyword stuffing is a bad idea. Just drop it immediately. Do not overuse the keywords.


The more effective the tile is the more tempting it would be for the reader. The effectiveness of the title involves the relevance of the blog. The more relevant it is, the more likely readers will be dragged to the blog. One can optimize the title by including the focus keyword.

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Framing content

Along with the length of the blog, reader engagement should be kept in mind. The blog mustn't make the readers feel that it is purely for promotional purposes. This would make them think that the blog only involves good things and not what needs to be said. This is the key here, provide the blog with information that can keep the reader engaged. Frame the content around the keyword. Frame the content that truly justifies the title.

Leverage social media

Promoting the business through blogs, why not promote the blog? Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, and other social media sites can do it. Promote the blog on these platforms to create more reach to your blog and drive good traffic to the blog itself.

Optimize the images

Not just adding the images and videos makes the blog effective, it optimizes the blogs for SEO purposes. Make sure that you include the Keyword in the image name, description, alternate text, and more.

Meta description

The snippet of the blog that you see in the search engine result is the meta description. It attracts the crawlers when the meta description contains the information that is relevant to their search. Make sure you include the keyword in those meta descriptions of the blog along with the relevant information within the word limit.

These are simple tips and tricks that can help you to make the blog effective for SEO India purposes.

Source: How can an SEO blog be optimized?