Every business is online these days. If you also want to start your online store, you may need technical support from Shopify Experts India. Among various CMS tools to build our dream store online, Shopify has one of the most recommended tools.

The answer to every ‘why Shopify?’ is simple – It is easy to operate, understand, and handle for every newbie into the technical ground. Although, for building a complete custom eStore, you need to Hire Shopify Experts in India that can help you represent your business to the world boldly.

In 2021, eCommerce sales are increased by 17.5% of retail sales, but still, there are a huge amount of businesses that don’t prefer investing in websites.

This is such a poor thing because the future lies in digital technology. It’s a good opportunity to start your business online and not just stick to the traditional way of business.

Create your first online store using Shopify.

Use Shopify to build your online store

Shopify is a platform where you can build an eCommerce store without getting expertise in coding and other tech skills. You just need to have a great business idea to stand on your toes. With this easy-to-use tool, you can create a fully-fledged eCommerce store.

As a new Shopify installer, you will be eligible for 14 days free trial to test the website development. The plan starts from $29-@299 per month and you will get more than 50 themes with rich features like inventory management, email marketing, and SEO tools.

After completing the free trial, you need to sign up to continue leveraging its benefits. Depending upon the website requirements, you can select your plan. Also, don’t forget to keep a suitable name for the store.

Make sure to give your online store a suitable name to represent the business. A good domain name helps in establishing your brand name and launch an online store. It is a keyword or phrase in a URL that identifies your store.

You can also buy a domain name through Shopify, or use other platforms for the purchase.

Select an Ecommerce template to start your online business. You can make your website look good with the help of templates.   

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Select a suitable theme or template

Initially, you should select a theme that matches your business, services or products. Make a formal list of features that you want in your online store. There are lots of featured templates that you can use and filter the options that suit your business requirement.

The home page of your website impact strongly to visitors, so you need to give more time to create the home page. It is the first page that visitors come across.

Navigation should be smooth which lets your customer navigate easily throughout the website.

After selecting the right template, go to the admin panel and start customizing the template, which includes color scheme, change texts and fonts, adding images, features, and embedding social media.      


Final thoughts,

While you build your first eCommerce store, it becomes necessary to Hire Shopify Developer in India that can help you with all the technical needs.