Are you new to buying pc parts? Do you want to buy the best buy pc parts? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place.

We have listed the major parts of PC that you should buy carefully.

So read the below information and come across the best pc parts. 


The processor is the major part of any electronic device. It defines how efficiently your device would run. You can find numerous processors out there, but nothing can beat Intel. Intel’s Core i3 is an entry-level processor, which is cheap as well. If you need a sub-$500 computer, look for the Core i3 line because it is affordable and works perfectly for the price.

Core i5 is the mid-range which provides a great balance of quality and performance. If you can stretch your budget a little bit, go for the Intel Core i5 processor.

Screen Size

You can find a wide variety of screen sizes out there. If you are buying a laptop, screen size matters a lot. The typical screen size range lies between 11 to 17 inches. On big screens, you can easily run multiple windows. Besides, the big screens can be less portable and might add extra weight to your backpack or luggage. Small screens might not be as comfortable to use for some people, especially when you are going to spend most of your day on the laptop, but these are easy to carry and lightweight.   

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In the end, it’s all about picture quality. Whether you are looking for a normal PC or gaming pc parts, you need a high-resolution system for a better experience.

As the resolution increases, the sharpness of images and videos increases, and so does the cost.   

Normally, you can find a budget-friendly laptop in 720p, but you can also aim for a 1080p (1920 x 1080) display, which will give you amazing picture quality.


Make your goal for big storage because you wouldn’t want to transfer your data to hard discs after a while.

Basically, you can find two types of storage: HDD(Hard Disk Drive) and SSD(Solid State Drive).

HDDs have rapid spinning magnetic disks known as ‘platters’ to save information, while SSDs have flash memory (for example, memory cards). 

In computers, SSDs are more expensive than HDDs. However, their read and write rates are pretty high than the HDDs. Also, SSD has no moving parts, so it is lighter in weight, cooler, and quiet, which is not the case with traditional HDDs.


Random Access Memory is the major part of any PC or laptop. Don’t confuse this with storage because RAM stores your data from the system and application actively. This is a temporary memory storage place where your system does real-time calculations and operate.  

Size and weight

Many people think that size and weight have nothing to do with laptops or PCs, but it has. You wouldn’t want to pay extra cash or compromise leaving other items home while taking a flight because they have a weight limit. So consider a lightweight yet quality laptop to travel freely.

Now that everything is said and done, it’s time to make a purchase.

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