Ever wonder how to get the most of your SEO Sydney?

Well, there are various SEO practices by using which you can hike up your ranking, but nothing can beat the results you will get from rich quality blogs.

We have listed a step-by-step procedure for a better blog posting practice.

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Create a list of famous topics

Keywords are the heart of SEO, but they are no longer the backbone of it to achieve organic growth. Now, the topic of the blog is the building block of your success.

For starters, make a list of at least 10 words and terms that are related to your services or products. There are various available SEO tools out there, such as Ahref, SEMRush, Google’s Keywords Tools, GrowthBar, etc., to find out words, their search volume, and various available options.

 This practice will help you to come across the popular topic and short keywords based on which you can create your blog.

Create a list of long-tail keywords

In this phase, you will optimise the website pages for certain keywords. With the words you have identified in the above step, it’s time to identify the keywords for those topics. But make sure you search at least ten long-tail keywords.

For say, there are tons of SEO blogs on the internet. Hence, if you have an SEO website, it will not be easy to rank for such a famous topic. Hence, we need to create content on image optimisation for search engine, keyword research, SEO trends Sydney, etc.

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Different pages for different topics

When it comes to rank high, focus on one page for an asset of keywords. Use the major topic to create a page or simply post a blog that depicts the overall view of the topic having long-tail keywords. These are the essential pages for your table of content where you provide a short description of the topic and explain to readers the subtopics that you would explain in another post.

Set the blog

Blogging is the best and fastest way to rank your website and leverage more organic traffic to your website. Every blog comes with a new opportunity to rank your website. In case you don’t post any blog, think of start doing it right now.

Be consistent with a blog post

Don’t post once or twice a month. When you start blogging, you have to be persistent to post every week and, if possible, every day. Just make sure that whatever you are posting contains unique, grammatically correct, and valuable information to your user. Google loves this kind of content that will provide precise information to the seekers. While posting blogs, you have to focus on image, GIFs, and videos as well. Their size, relevancy, and alt text are the three major aspects that you must take care of so that everything looks relatable.

Blogging is the right way to enhance your brand visibility and credibility.

In case you are not able to post blogs daily, hire professionals of SEO Gold Coast. They will handle your website the better way and create unique blog posts for you.

Source: How to post blogs the right way? A short method