Like water, SEO India strategies must be changed, especially f you are still stuck with an old SEO strategy.

Read this blog ahead to discover modern SEO techniques to rank your website. 

Rank Brain & User Experience

Google announced Rank Brain, their third most essential ranking factor, a few years ago. Now Rank Brain has become a sensational element of Google’s search algorithm and is all set to become an integral part of the modern SEO technique.

Rank Brain is worried about the two crucial information:

  1. User percentage that clicks on a number of impression vs result
  2. How much time the user spent on a page

Hence, Google interests in quality results and these two metrics give a wide idea of how satisfied your audience is with the results.

Importance of Click-through rate

The organic click-through rate has been declined in recent years as a result of the search changes interface. Google has introduced numerous elements into the SERP and streamlined how exactly the advertisements will be displayed. New Ad Formats, Answer Boxes, “People also ask,” and carousels have crowded the result page, which makes it harder for standard organic results to be seen.


Gone are the days when Google used to focus on keyword density, i.e. how many times a keyword has been repeated on a web page. Even the best SEO Company in Ahmedabad used to add keywords in specific sections such as URL, title tags, H1 tag, etc. Now Google has become content-centrist. They focus on providing informative and quality content to their readers so that only the authentic information is transferred to the viewers, and they can get the best browsing experience.

SEO India

Mobile-First Index

Google’s Mobile-first index is applied to websites. The major reason behind this is to make every website on Google mobile-friendly. From size to design, everything must load easily on every mobile. If you have been focusing on the browser version of your website, you have been mistaking. Google will consider the mobile version of your website to decide the ranking of your website.

Even if the searches are made from the desktop, the mobile version of your site plays a major role n getting a high ranking. Hence, you have to start focusing on making your website as mobile-friendly as possible.

Video Content

We all are familiar with the video contents of YouTube and how we access the app or site for finding a tutorial or literally everything in this world. By creating video content, we mean having text-pages or articles within it for better user engagement. YouTube is owned by Google, and videos made for YouTube will help you to attract your audience and attain a better ranking.  

Voice Search

We all have become used to voice searches and the biggest part of SEO strategy. A voice-enabled device and the popularity of such devices indicates this could be the new SEO battleground.

Content & Links

In modern SEO India strategy, you should learn from the mistakes as well as success. The perfect combination of content and link is the best way to attain a top SERP ranking. Hence, quality, informative and authentic links can be your ladder to success.