SEO is a deep-sea; learning a complete SEO in a defined time period is not possible, but you need to keep yourself updated with every new SEO Gold Coast guidelines. Our online business could never reach to the right audience automatically, no matter how good services or products we provide or how much fame we have earned into the field. Expecting progress without SEO could never be possible.

Incompetent, full of mess and unattractive websites would never take you far in the game. Thus, identifying your website’s technical issues and fixing them can elevate organic traffic.

To help you find the most common issues & improve your website’s functionality, we, as an SEO Sydney brings a few handy tips.

There could be some simple technical site errors that can be easily identified and addressed in a small time with some potential to gain more website traffic. In this guide, we look into some common technical SEO issues that can impact your organic visibility and how you can fix those issues smartly.

Website is not being indexed

No visibility of the website could be because of two reasons – you might not be indexed or, you might not be ranked. This is why we need to look closely into the website to check whether it is indexed or not. Every SEO experts know the importance of website indexing and ranking so, here we are with some tactful ways to deal with it.

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For instance when you drop your website URL in the search box “”, you will have a list of pages on your site that are being indexed.

We would like to share a few SEO tips you should look into:

  • Is there the same amount of pages we had expected?
  • Is there any site hacking indications?
  • Ensure the indexation of subdomains
  • Have you indexed the right pages?

This is initial testing you should go through to determine website indexing or ranking factors.


Sometimes, you may lose your visitors just because of minor errors on your website that you may have never noticed. When you migrate your website without the guidance of any SEO experts, it is possible to miss looking into Robots.txt file. Thus, SEO experts always suggest ensuring the Disallow line. A rough forward-slash could ruin your ranking game. Just by having a “/” in the disallow line you suggest the web crawlers to avoid crawling and indexing every webpage that starts with “/” and you could understand how this could become a hurdle if you want to remain visible. Contact your website developer immediately if you see “/” in the disallow line.

Deal with broken backlinks

When you plan to re-launch or re-construct your website without seeking help from an SEO expert, you could have lots of broken backlinks on the website. A quality backlink is important when it comes to working for the website ranking so you need to address this at an early stage. Moreover, the Google Search Console provides you with a list of 404 errors and helps you by highlighting broken links. From here, you can redirect to the appropriate pages. If you have not learned about Google Search Console, keep on reading our blog thread for more information.


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