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Are you having a narrow block in your home? Do you want to save space and make your rooms look spacious? If yes, then it is high time to hire custom home builders Melbourne to give food to your imaginative thought. Based on some essential factors including size, style and storage requirements; they will make suitable arrangement for you. 


What Role does Open Plan Play in Making the Home Look Highly Spacious?


Proper planning is the dire need of the hour. Without it, it will be difficult to make proper utilization of your space. A reliable and trustworthy new home builder with the help of open plan in both upward and downward will let you utilize your space. If required, the walls may be removed or reduced for separating rooms. 


An open plan will also result in the filtering of more amount of sunlight, thus making your rooms look brighter. If combined with high ceilings, then it will help in creating a sense of increased space. It is especially required in the kitchen, living area and dining spaces as these are the places where you can spend quality time with your dearest ones. 


Will it be a Good Idea to Opt for Glass Doors and Windows?


Another exclusive idea for making your narrow home look spacious is to install glass doors and windows of suitable dimensions. Utilizing properly sized glasses will help in creating a sense of light and space. If you have a small room, then the sizes of windows and glass doors must be large. 

custom home builders Melbourne

They will help in coming up with an elusive space inside followed by creating a seamless flow from one room to the other. Having words with custom home builders Melbourne will help in making a proper decision.


How Balconies Help in Creating More Floor Space?


In a two-storey home, adding a balcony will be great for creating space from a narrow lot. Also, it will be effective in adding an entertaining area to chill out during the evening. It will let adding extra square metres of space without affecting the footprint on the ground level. With balconies, it will become easy to find rooms for a backyard and garage. 


Are you planning to arrange for a storeroom? Aren’t you able to find a suitable space? Then better opt for the area below stairs. It will be the right place for storing books, boxes, containers, clothes and old appliances. Taking help from a new home builder let you install custom shelves and drawers, finally preventing you from the messy look. 


To give a kick start to your creativity, you may opt for installing a shelf or wine cellar. As the temperature remains relatively constant under the stairs, you will be able to please your guests on all types of special occasions. 


Hence, hiring a reliable home builder will help in making your narrow home look highly spacious. Having a detailed discussion will let to come up with an exceptional idea to make your home look beautiful and spacious.

Source: Looking Forward to Make Your Home Feel Spacious? Hire a Custom Home Builder!