Proposing your loved one on the wrong time & with the unattractive ring can be a flop plan. If you are planning to say your heart out nearly then, this is the best blog post you should consider. Imagining proposal without flowers and Engagement Rings Melbourne isn’t something romantic. Nowadays, online websites offer enough discounts and offer to make your engagement ring purchase less harmful to the budget. But, which is the best time for such purchaser?

We know, proposal time could not be fixed but, you can plan it well before it’s too late. It’s been said that September to October is the best period to buy an engagement ring. These days are also full of a rush for the jewellery industry.

During the time, some Cushion Cut Diamond vendors will handle the promotional offers and advertisements to encourage shoppers to purchase something precious. Also, you will have the luxury of shoppers vying for the personalised engagement ring that you want.

A jewellery purchase is one of the most expensive purchases you could make. This is why; it makes sense to include the best price for the purchase and if there is any specific time to snag a deal. However, there may not be the perfect time for the purchase but, there are buying tips that you can consider for the purchase.

The most popular time to purchase an engagement ring is holiday seasons, especially the time when the holiday starts. It starts from Thanksgiving, Christmas, to Valentine’s Day when young hearts have a strong zeal to express their feelings to someone they love.


What are the benefits of purchasing an engagement ring in the holiday season?

The question is obvious as people may think that during the festival time we usually spend our time with friends and family. The time is also ideal for weddings and thus, maximum engagement rings are sold during the time between May to October. You may even have heard that this is the time when the prices of engagement rings are on the peak. The demand during this time is high and also, the competition between jewellery retailers. It results in, retailers provide as many incentives as they could to take their business to the new height and beat the competition.    

The exact time for the purchase differs for every buyer

The right time for the purchase of an engagement ring depends on various factors that go beyond the only price tag. Money is not necessarily everything when it comes to purchasing something expensive; there are other many factors that you need to consider. Such factors include practical and emotional factors that may give you confidence when you propose to your loved one. In such a case, there will remain no time to wait for the discounts to purchase the ring. If you couldn’t wait and want to express deep down feeling to your loveable girlfriend or boyfriend, make sure to have a basic knowledge about diamond or gold standards.

Have I missed anything?

Well, don’t forget to let me know about your Engagement Rings Melbourne purchase experience. Also, you can extend this guide by adding something worthy. Thanks! 


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