You feel secure when you shut down all the doors and windows of your working place before heading home. But do you know what the safety guarantee of your door lock is? Even if you have installed the best locksmith in Adelaide, it could be difficult to keep your business place safe, especially nowadays when everything is closed because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

So, here we are with some useful tips for you to make your workplace safer.


1) Self-Assessment

Before you go for additional security solutions, it’s recommended to evaluate the setup and issues in the current system. For example, makes a list of the people who have access to the building if your business or firm is fully or partially closed. This includes the interior as well as exterior locks access. If a person has redundant access to the lock, find out whether or not they still have access. You also need to know who accesses the safe, food pantry, medical area, and other materials/equipment.

These are the loopholes, if founded on-time, can reduce any mishappening from occurring. This will keep your security system safe and sound and you will be able to find suspects in case of burglary or intrusion.

2) Rekeying Doors & Safe

Instead of buying a setoff new locks and safe, it’s time to give rekeying a try. This changes the entire engineering inside the lock so that anyone who knows how to open your office lock or safe fails as you have rekeyed everything. It is even suggested to rekey your lock after a while to ensure that everything is safe and not easily accessible.

3) Get Smart

Smart Locks are pretty trending nowadays. Just one touch and access is provided. You can access smart locks through a Bluetooth connection and a smartphone. Where this provides the comfort of never losing the keys, it could be easy for hackers to hack the Bluetooth and get access to the lock. However, you can limit access to certain people and ensure that they are available near the place when they use the Locksmiths in Adelaide.

4) Amazon Key

You might not have anyone to be at your workplace to receive online delivery products. You make sure that your items are delivered safely with the Amazon key. This system allows the delivery person to enter your premises without anyone to be present there and receive the items. However, you will be notified and see who entered the building and at what time. All the information is shared with you.

COVID-19 has affected international as we as local businesses. Therefore, it has become to save what you have so that you can restart your business as everything ends and you get back to your normal life.

Whether you choose passcode locksmith or Mobile Locksmith in Adelaide, make sure that you change the credentials and passcodes for better security.

Use the above tips to keep your business safe and sound during the lockdown.

So go for it now!

Source: 4 Things to do with Locksmith in Adelaide to protect your Business during Lockdown