Are you going for Home Renovations in Melbourne?

Do you know that professionals can make it pet friendly as well? Yes, you read it right. You can create a special and most comfortable place to live for your pets during your home renovation.

We have listed five ideas for doing it.

1. Perfect Feeding Place

We love our pets, and we want them to be a part of each activity including having meals together. But if your pet is a messy eater and spills water & wet food on the floor while eating, you might consider having a perfect feeding place. During your home renovation, you can ask the professionals to build a peaceful and separate feeding area for your pet so that they can enjoy their meal just as they want.

You can pick the feeding area in your kitchen under the cabinetry. This is a simple solution and doesn’t occupy much space. If you have a big dog breed and your kitchen space isn’t enough for them, go with other spacious areas if your home. If you are planning for the home extensions Melbourne, making a feeding space outside is a great idea.

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2. Mudrooms are Useful

Mudrooms are suitable for both pets and humans. If you have pets and kids, having a mudroom will save your hours cleaning the mud from the floor. In winters and monsoons, it’s obvious that your pet and kids will stick their feet in the mud. You can easily clean the mud from their paws and feet in the mudroom. That’s why it is suggested to use the front or back door area as a mudroom. However, it depends on the door you and your pet use the most. For example, if you have a concrete or tiled front yard and a garden in the backyard, it’s suggested to use your backdoor area like a mudroom.

3. Trendy Washing Stations

Home renovating is all about trends and styles. Having a washing area for your pet will enhance your interior and save you from cleaning. Professionals will suggest you with abundant pet washing area designs and you can pick the suitable one from them. The washing station for pets is nothing but a shower stall but half of the height. You can also include a bathtub or laundry tub to give it the most classic look and help your pet enjoy bath time.

4. Inbuilt Beds

This is the cutest.

Giving a dedicated space for your pets to sleep is good for their mental health. You can go for built-in beds such as bed shelves. Your pet will get its own space and will enjoy occupying the whole bed. Both cats and dogs enjoy enjoys inbuilt beds. However, you need to focus on some vital aspects such as the opening of the bed, height, width, and type of bedding. Read more at

5. Highways for cats

Cats are choosy and love spending most of their time alone. A cat highway will help your cat from missing the outdoor. They would climb on it, sit on it, and jump from it easily. Also, adding highways for your cats in more than one room will keep them active and entertained. You can consider building a highway pretty high so that your cat can enjoy it each time.

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Source: 5 ways for Pet-Friendly Home Renovations in Melbourne