Whether you are doing it on your own or hiring a video editing company, following mistakes must be avoided.   

  1. Poor Audio / Inconsistent Audio

This happens in a lot of videos. Having an inappropriate sound in the background or using the background sound is the biggest failure for any video editor. That’s why it’s suggested to use only the matching sound so that the video doesn’t look awkward. Also, the sound must match the scene. For example, if it’s a mysterious scene, go with the deep and speedy sound.

  1. The Jump Cut

The jump cut is the most famous editing, but like anything else, it must be done at the right place & time. Jump cuts are useful where you want to save time & move forward the story. Many editors make this mistake of using jump cut frequently in the video. This will change the position of the character in the same frame and background. This is noticeable and looks naïve. That’s why it’s suggested to avoid using jump cut anywhere. You can go for changing the camera angle and cutting the same scene to a different angle. You can also provide transition so that the viewers are not much jarred.

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  1. Inconsistent Graphics

Don’t put graphics inconsistently. Don’t put text everywhere. Use the right font family, colour, and location. Also, don’t use the colour for your text that seems distracting and different from the rest of the video. You can use simple text that is readable and easy on the eyes of the viewers. Plus, your font type must be the same throughout the video. You can’t just keep on changing the font colour and style after every cut or transition. The viewer gets used to of reading a specific font type that you show them in the beginning and expect the same ahead din the video. So make sure you stick one type of font style and colour.

  1. Adjusting Your Frame

There must be less space in the background of the subject. It must not look like a lot of space around them. Therefore, it is suggested to see all the areas around the subject for space and adjust the camera accordingly. If you have recorded the video in 1920×1080, edit it to 1280×720. Doing this will maintain the frame ration and give you space to manoeuvre your shot. So keep it to this size and get the best video you ever wanted and amaze your audience.

  1. Removing Sensitive Information

Never remove sensitive information from the video. For example, if you want the viewers to focus on specific information that is based on fact or incident, mention that in the video in the text format. You can also dictate the text so that the viewers pay attention to it in every possible way. If you are documenting something, it’s obvious to capture a few sensitive scenes of faces of the people. You must blur the faces or disturbing scenes. There are abundant software available out there that comes with blur feature. You can use it to blur anything in the background or the mainframe.

The best solution is to hire an experienced video editing company.