Why do you find a need to install a shutter in the house? Well, different people install the shutter for different purposes. Few of them could be for privacy reasons, to get protection, and for the security of thieves and trespassers. Shutters can also block out the sun’s ultraviolet radiation that can cause furniture premature aging and discolouring. To keep the shutter charm long-lasting, you will need the help of Best Painters in Melbourne


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Homeowners install shutters for improving the home exterior look and to add decorative attributes to the home. Nowadays, homeowners prefer to install shutters that made up of plastic or vinyl material. If you want to keep the shutter charm constant, just get the help from professional House Painters Melbourne that can help you add pop to the home without affecting the budget.


  • It is important to prepare in advance

Just like many other home improvement projects, painting the shutters will take less time than any other. An important thing for the successful result is, it will depend on the time that you have spent in the preparation but, before you start painting the shutter, it would be better to keep it clean.

  • Plan to get rid of mold or mildew by applying a solution of one part bleach to four-part water. You can use the spray bottle for the sprinkling.
  • Prefer to rinse the shutter with a hose.
  • Scrub the shutter with the water and household detergent which will remove dirt and grime
  • Rinse the shutter thoroughly with water
  • Make use of clean cloth to dry off wood shutters immediately
  • Ensure to take safety precautions to protect the eyes, plant, and skin while you work with bleach.
  • Don’t make use of pressure washer to clean the shutter as the force can crack the material which can damage the place.

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  • Select the right colour from the palette

Many homeowners think of the shutters that match the colour of their home or window trim. Whereas, other people prefer to paint shutters that can complement the trim shades. The colour selection highly depends upon your choice. But, the key consideration is, you should choose a colour that gives an attractive look to the house. It also depends on the home type; modern or contemporary homes should prefer bold colours like forest green, white red, vibrant blue, and charcoal grey. It would be easy to bring out the best in traditional homes with the use of black or white shades.


If you have vinyl shutters, you should select a high quality and exterior acrylic paint that will give charm to the product.

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Bottom line!

Whether you are in need of a Domestic Painters Melbourne or any other house painters, you need to include the above factors into an account. Through this, you could end up with the best shutter painting services at a reasonable amount.


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