The Prime Minister of Australia – Mr Scott Morrison – has decided to secure the borders. He announced “a travel ban will be placed on all non-residents, non-Australian citizens, coming to Australia. And, that will implement from 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. ”

He also added, “We’ve already seen a significant reduction in the travel to Australia by non-citizens and residents.” He also mentioned “It’s about a third of what it normally would be at this time of the year. And we have seen reductions, even in the last few days when we put in place bans which required people to self isolate for 14 days.”

This is a great step to prevent COVID-19 from spreading all across the Australians. For the residents, he suggested, “Now, for Australians, of course, they will be able to return and they will be able to subject, as they already are, to 14-day isolation upon arrival back in Australia.” His reason behind this action is that now there are around 80% of the virus cases in Australia, which either is the result of someone who has recently travelled overseas or someone who has been in contact with a person from overseas.

Just to tell you, approximately 180,000 people have been infected by COVID-19 worldwide. This pandemic has caused 636 positive cases and 6 deaths in Australia as of now. However, there have been only 43 recoveries and 1 serious or critical case and 587 active cases.

The numbers are supposed to increase and people need to be more CAREFUL.

How is Australia combating the threats of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)?

Unfortunately, there are dozens of videos getting viral online in which people are fighting over toilet papers and other food essential at the grocery store, which has nothing to do with the virus.

On Wednesday, the president candidly told Australians to “stop hoarding essential” over crucial foodstuffs.

People, you really need to calm down!

The world is not ending “yet”!

Together, we can handle this situation.

We must understand that our objective should be to fight COVID not to fight each other.

As per the World Health Organisation and United Nation, keeping personal hygiene at highest and contact with others at lowest is the best way to not to get infected with Corona Virus.

Even the doctors who are working at Health places have started posting photos with a message “We stayed at work for you.” “You stay at home for us.”

Therefore, as a responsible citizen, we should stay home as much as possible and keep the face mask on our faces.

All you can do is:

  • Quit smoking
  • Don’t spit in public
  • Keep your hands clean and wash after touching almost everything and anyone
  • Wash your hands before and after eating
  • Don’t touch anywhere on your face
  • Don’t eat animal-based food
  • Avoid poultry and dairy products
  • Go cashless as money is the biggest carrier of the virus
  • Sanitise your fixtures, kitchen counters, and toilets.
  • The kids, elderly, pets and diseased are prone to get attacked by the virus. So, make them stay indoors as much possible.
  • Don’t visit crowded places

And most importantly – Don’t Panic!

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Source: Coronavirus Outbreak Australia – You Need To Calm Down!