If you are struggling from stress right now and reading this, let me tell you something – You can Get Over it. One can get stressed for various reasons, work deadlines, poor lifestyle, a recent breakup, family issue, abusive partner, etc. Nothing is more important than you and your health. It might seem simple to say that you should stop stressing yourself over the things you can’t control, but it works. If not, Best physiotherapist In Nairobi is the right option.

They say asking for help will not harm. They say right!

A physiotherapist is much more than your physical health caretaker. You can explain what is bothering you or what is stopping you from achieving the perfect body goals.

Today, you will get to know about how physiotherapy can help you reduce stress, but before that let’s find out how stress is destroying your body. 

1. How stress is destroying your body?

Whenever you stressed out, you trigger the fight or flight reaction in your body.

So whenever you are having a stressful day, your body releases hormones – noradrenaline and adrenaline. These hormones are used to amplify the senses and respond to the stressor by your body. But if you are facing stress every day, cortisol hormone is released. Professionals call this chronic stress. 

This is a lot harmful to your body. It causes:

  • Inflammation
  • Depression
  • Back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Muscle tightness & Headaches
  • Sleeplessness & Fatigue

Have you noticed any of these symptoms? It’s time to book your appointment with an experienced physiotherapist.

They can help manage your stress and its symptoms by improving muscle inequity, strength, and reducing pain.

2. Physiotherapy is helpful in many ways

  • Lesser Cortisol Levels

It is clinically proven that daily diaphragmatic breathing leads to significantly inferior cortisol levels, improve concentration, and improve relaxation.

It’s a part of physiotherapy plan. You can talk to your physiotherapist to learn a breathing technique for reducing stress.

  • Lower Stress Sensitivity

You might have heard doctors suggesting exercising to PCOS or PCOD patients. Well, by exercising your body releases stress as your mind feels focused. According to studies, regular exercise can reduce stress from 50 to 78% by reducing stress sensitivity and various stress symptoms.

  • Low Depression

As you already know, exercising reduces stress and hence helps to deal with the depression as well. The physiotherapy treatment is helpful to reduce depression and see how you can utilize your energy & thoughts in the right direction. Various depression patients are suggested to exercise and loosen up muscle stress. 

  • Improve Sleep

Various relaxing techniques and postures are used to make your content. When there is no stress in your body and brain, you would get a sweet sleep. If you are facing trouble in sleeping, going for physiotherapy is the best option.

Now you see how physiotherapy can give you a stress-free life.

Get the stress busted by hiring the Best Physiotherapist In Nairobi.

Don’t wait anymore, hire one today!

Source: How Best Physiotherapist in Nairobi Can Reduce Stress?