Going on a long trip and planning on leaving your car at Melbourne airport parking? The following information will lead you to some essential things you should do before taking your car to the parking.  

  1. Ensure Gas or Fuel is enough

You are indeed going to leave your vehicle in parking for a long time, but it doesn’t mean you leave it without fuel or gas. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to stop at a gas station after returning from a long trip. That’s why keeping enough fuel in your car is a smart move.

However, it depends on your residential location such as if it’s a few miles away from the parking, a small amount of fuel will work, but if your location is far from the parking, you need to keep your tank full to avoid refilling.

Moreover, it’s important to leave your car tank full if you are going in winter. That’s because residues start to get collected inside the tank in winter and your engine might clog when you try to turn it on. Such condition includes repairing which can be expensive.    



  1. Take your car for Checkups once

It’s suggested by experts to take your car for general maintenance before leaving for airport parking because you wouldn’t want to come back to a damaged car especially after a long tour.

Check the oil level and change it before leaving your car for the long-term in the Melbourne airport parking.

Maintaining your car before leaving for a tour is important because it will be idle for a long time and the lubrication might lose its effectiveness in such a long period. When you turn on your car after coming back from your tour and having old oil in the car’s system, it can call havoc in no time.

Not just oil, top up the wiper fluid as well. Some people think that it’s not important, but it’s better to be safe now than to be sorry later. You may need the wiper fluid if the weather is bad or to remove dust or debris from the windshield.

Check the tire pressure and fill it if it’s low. Check the battery for its good condition and charging. If it’s not charged, get it replaced.

You can even ask your mechanic to find any weak points or faults. If there are any, get it treated ASAP.

Ensure, everything is working so that you can find out whether or not a specific fault was already existed in your car or is the result of poor handling by the parking service provider.      

  1. Don’t leave any valuables inside the car

We all have been taught from our childhood to never leave any valuables in the car ever. This becomes important] when you are leaving your vehicle alone for many days. Although your vehicle will be in 24×7 surveillance, one should never take any risk. Take all the valuables from your vehicle.     

  1. Cut off battery

Yes, you read it right! Cut off battery because your car will be idle and you wouldn’t want the battery to jam or stop working.

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Source - Make your car Airport parking Ready in 4 Steps