Hey, how do you use your bathroom? (You can get all your giggles out before we move on.)

When and how you spend your time in the bathroom plays a crucial role to choose its colour (apart from décor theme). For example, do you want a spa-like space where you can unleash your thoughts or just a ‘shower and run’ like? Or you are seeking a family-friendly bathroom?

Think about all these questions before hiring the reliable and experienced painters Melbourne.

Below, we have listed the top 6 colours you should consider for an impressive and content bathroom.

Our Picks


Bright Blue



Bright White




  1. Taupe

Neutral yet classy – the taupe colour is perfect to get the warmth in your bathroom. The combination of brown and grey has that vintage look with a modern twist. However, there are abundant variations to taupe and you can choose the suitable one from them. If you want to get an earthy look, the gray version is just perfect. If you want a bit lively look, go for taupe with a purple base.    

  1. Light Blue

This is a gorgeous colour and when painted in combination with white, it gives that majestic Disney castle look. Well, who wouldn’t want to enjoy their bath in such an amazing bathroom? White tiles and trims go perfectly with light blue. Plus, if you have a small bathroom, go for this combination without a second thought. It makes your space look more clean, wide, and attractive. Silver faucets for your dreamy bathroom are a no brainer.  

  1. Charcoal

 Add a little drama to your life with a vivid charcoal colour. If you are bored with those light and soft shades, charcoal is one of a kind. Corporate or domestic, you can use charcoal for any type of bathroom.

  1. Pistachio

Start your day with a burst of energy. You can ask your painters Melbourne to create a sleek and sophisticated style in your bathroom with white accents. You can tone it down a bit by going for natural woods or browns.    

  1. Bright White

A crisp and clean white bathroom is a metaphorical perfection. However, white walls might seem simple but it can be quite sophisticated and attractive. You can use different textures for giving it a unique touch. Using tiles of different shapes in the shower and on the rest of the floor defines each area separately. You can use some bright accessories such as green, yellow, or pink to go a bit bold.          

  1. Brown

Feel contented with earthy brown colour. No matter which brown shade you are choosing, it creates a spa-like relaced look. Choose accessories such as candles and stones to give a more natural look.

Wrapping Up

Which one did you like the most? No matter which colour you are choosing, your bathroom will look stunning with the help of talented experts of House Painting Melbourne.

The professionals will help you understand your desired colour even better.

So, HIRE ONE TODAY!          


Source - Hiring painters? Here are the Best Colours for your Bathroom