Today everything – phone, TV, Home, car, etc. – is smart, so, why can’t your pergola be smart?

Yes you all, smart pergolas are a thing now!

The advanced technology is taking over every corner and need of your home. From the smart refrigerator to smart windows, everything is high-tech and, so is your Adelaide pergolas.

What is Smart Pergola?

Well, it’s nothing but a pergola that is equipped with technology allowing you the utmost comfort in any weather. There are four pre-set positions to open or close the pergola on-demand or scheduled basis. You can easily let the sunlight enter your pergola in winters and reflect in summers with just a few settings. This way, the furnishing of pergola remains dry and comfortable every single day. You don’t even have to worry about the rain as it has rain sensors which allow the pergola to adjust to change as the weather changes.

The best part about a smart pergola is that they are assured with hurricane mode that allows free airflow through louvers by overriding all the functions.  This way your pergola is safe even in the windiest condition.

What else you can expect from a smart pergola? Figure out below!

Fire Pit

You can enhance your outdoor even more by adding a fire pit inside your pergola. Many smart pergolas have fire features such that give you a feel of wood and coal burning creating a cosy environment. This feature can light in less than 30 seconds. Can you imagine?

Many other pergolas have multi-functionality as they offer fire as well as cook capability. This means you can have a great time with your family, enjoy a book, or have a deep discussion with your friends while food is getting ready. That’s how your fire pit can be your cooking place at the same time.

Grill & Gadgets

Have a comfortable cooking experience under your pergola while enjoying your favourite wine. The Grill and gadget features are perfect for cooking as you can adjust the heat according to the food and the sensors even indicate when is the time to flip your food to prevent it from bringing. All you have to do is just put your food in the pan and forget it. The pergola sensors will handle everything for you. However, it’s important to pay attention to the warning signs as it prevents food from burning and further from other hazards.

Some other smart things to buy

Lawn Mowers: if you don’t have enough time to push the mower around your backyard, a smart lawn mower will do it for you. 

Spotlight & Security Cam: Stay safe with the highly advanced security camera and spotlight. You can keep the record of who is outside your home or in the backyard even in the darkest night. 

Smart Sprinkler Controllers: A smart sprinkler gives you control over the amount of water your lawn needs. This way you can reduce water wastage and consumption.

So be smart with the smart pergolas.


Article Source: A Deep Introduction to Smart Pergolas