You need to keep in mind that we aren’t just getting older but in most of the cases even frailer. Whether you like the fact or not, most of us Aged Care Melbourne services in some form or the other.

Age Care Services At Home For The Elderly

Most of the senior citizens plan to stay at home as they age where they feel comfortable and where they’re familiar with the routes of public transportation, local shops, neighbors and friends. For most of the people look for the home care services there would be some changes needed at home.

For reducing the possibilities of falls as well as slips, installing the grabbing rails in the bathrooms and toilets and all the rooms is suggested. Also non-slip rubber mats should be installed in the wet areas of the house. In case you have got stairs in the house, then you should also install a ramp. You might not require these at present but you need to bear in mind that you’re planning for your future and at some point in life all these changes would help you. In case you can’t afford to make all such changes in your house, then maybe reverse mortgage can help you.

You will also have to make a few changes in the kitchen and appliances which you use for reducing the opportunity for fires and burns. There’s a wide range of appliances which can help you in making the kitchen safe.

The external services like meals on wheels are also available for senior citizens. These services are also a part of the Aged Care Melbourne services.



The Other Services Offered by the Governmental Departments Include:

  • Home modifications
  • Home maintenance
  • Help with preparation of food at home
  • Delivery of food at home
  • Transport
  • Client care, assessment and case-management
  • Information, counselling and the advocacy services
  • Center based day care services
  • Support for the carers which include respite services
  • Nursing care services

So in case you’re planning to get the Aged Care Melbourne services then it would be better to contact the government department. You can inquire about the services offered by them.

The main thing about making these services work in efficient planning. By planning well and making the house safe with the help of the above mentioned items. Also, having assistance from neighbours, family and friends would help in increasing the opportunity of these services at home for a long period of time.

These services are quite helpful for the elderly people and even for their children. Since the elderly people are safe at home, their children can peacefully do their work in office. So if you also have elderly people in your house, you should consider hiring these services.


Aged Care Melbourne services are easily available in Melbourne. You just need to reach out to the Government departments for the same. They would help you with all the necessary details.