In today’s fast-paced life, many of us can’t take time for cleaning the property before even moving there. Right? Well, that’s why professionals are there, but having a naïve end of lease cleaning team is worst than not having one at all. Don’t worry! We have figured out five the simplest yet crucial steps that will lead you to the suitable cleaning company.

These steps could be your staircase to effortless shifting and complete peace of mind.

So follow one-by-one!

Step #1: Start with Asking for Documentation

In-hand documentation is directly proportional to the top-notch work service. Start your conversation with the service provider by asking about the documentation. These are not just a piece of paper but a proof that the cleaning company is experienced enough to handle your project. In case they refuse to provide you with documentation, stay back and abort.

In the next step, you will find out how to bond back can be guaranteed.

Step #2: Is there any Bond Back Guarantee?

Nowadays, almost every end of the lease cleaning company is providing its customers with a full bond back guarantee. It’s nothing but a surety that even after the completion of cleaning if anything goes south during manager inspection, the team will come back and fix it.

But, is your floor and carpet also included in the cleaning service? Read ahead for the answer.

Step #3: Do they clean Floor and Carpet as well? 

It’s not common among cleaning companies to include floor and carpet cleaning in your service package. The reason could be anything; perhaps, not having the required equipment or products or something else. Therefore, before you sign the agreement, get a detailed list of services and the equipment that the experts will be using during the cleaning process. You can even create a custom cleaning service so that you pay for only what’s required.

Having a reference can enhance your choice of picking the cleaning experts, which is explained next.          

end of lease cleaning expert

Step #4: Dig into the Reference

Honestly, there is nothing like ‘having a reference.’ You would barely find a cleaning company that will provide you the contact information of their previous customers. So in that case, just exercise your fingers to explore some social media websites for genuine client feedback. If that doesn’t work, ask your neighbors, friends, or family who have hired any vacate cleaning service.

Questions are good especially when   

Step #5: Multiple Quotations are the Best

After asking for documentation, bond back guarantee, floor/carpet cleaning, and reference, it’s crucial to clear your doubts by having a one-to-one conversation with your cleaning service provider. Also, having a word with more than two companies is always useful. This way, you can compare the prices, expertise, and number of services. Besides, one detailed quotation is more convenient than submitting a draft quote whose answer; who knows; a robot might be giving you. 

So, when are you starting?

Wrapping Up

The property must receive sufficient cleaning while moving for a full bond back. If you are a tenant and have decided to hire a skillful team of vacate cleaning in Melbourne, follow the above steps and make the cleaning easy.              


Article Source: 5 Easy Steps to Choose the Best End of Lease Cleaning Service