Back pain is one of the most common problems that mankind faces. No matter the age, gender, or occupation, every second to the third person is facing back pain issue. But today, this blog is specifically for pregnant women who suffer from back pain issue during their pregnancy or after baby’s delivery. In my work tenure, I come along with many women who ask me the question of whether they should approach the best spine doctor in India or survive until the end.




As a trained and experienced spine surgeon in India, I handle their situation accordingly. But, here I will share generic guidelines. If you found yourself in serious condition, you should always contact the gynaecologist. Let’s have a chunk of information about this issue.

Back pain issue encounter during pregnancy

Though it is so much common to have back pain during pregnancy it should never be accepted. For making the pregnancy as smooth as possible. And, make the delivery process easy you should always manage and maintain food intake during the pregnancy. Internet is jammed with endless information about a woman’s body and about the tips women need to be careful about during pregnancy and after delivery.    

In such a situation, how will you protect the back?

You can simply protect the back by avoiding the way you are doing the routine activity. Here are few of them you need to take into the account.

1. Never lift heavy things

Definitely. If you are pregnant, you need to be careful about this thing because, it can not only affect your back but, also affect baby’s health. Always ensure that the object you are lifting will stay close to the body. Never pick up the toddler directly or maintain the posture while you lift them up.

2. Be careful about your posture whenever you walk, sit, or sleep

You should try to keep the posture symmetrical. Always stand with the weight in legs and back. Never stand a long time.

3. Avoid harmful activity

Never do the harmful activity or the activity that can risk life or make you injured. These kinds of activities include bending, lifting, climbing, or walking up.

4. Sleep with care in bed

Always sleep on a single side using the pillow in between knees. Whenever you get out of the bed, roll onto the side with kneed and then use arms for the support.

5. Never wear heels or uncomfortable shoes

It would be better to wear flat slip-on than wearing high heels because of it cause you back pain or affect the spinal cord.

6. Also, you can wear a maternity support belt

Wearing a maternity belt would be better to give support to the back.



Do you want to get rid of back pain problem? First, contact with the gynaecologist and then with recommendation approach the best spine doctor in India and say goodbye to the pain.

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